Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Indiana Jones Room at Planet Hollywood

The Cruisers stayed at Planet Hollywood, and we were intrigued by their room decor. It included actual props from Indiana Jones.
china poblano 068
china poblano 061
china poblano 064
china poblano 065
china poblano 066
china poblano 062
Apparently, each room has a different theme. How fun!


  1. I know it's near blasphemous, but I miss the Aladdin. It was one of the very first Vegas hotels I stayed at!

  2. planet hollywood = earl of sandwich to me. oink.

  3. The Indiana Jones room is WAY better than the Days of Our Lives room which is what we stayed in the last time we were in Vegas.

  4. we stayed there and our room was sylvester stallone-themed.

    this one looks way more fun!


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