Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good and Unpretentious: I Panini Di Ambra

I Panini Di Ambra doesn't look like much. The place is tiny and nondescript.
i panini di ambra 005
i panini di ambra 004
But the food, while simple, is delightful.

Salame sopresata, smoked provolone, tomato, rucola ($8.50).
i panini di ambra 008

Parma ham, mozzarella, rucola, tomato ($7.50).
i panini di ambra 011

Pizza con salsiccia -- tomato sauce, Italian sausage ($5.00).
i panini di ambra 014

Focaccia di recco with crescenza cheese ($6.00).
i panini di ambra 018
Sometimes less is more. This was one of those times.


  1. everything looks really good. we have our own favorite, local, unassuming panini shop that so good.

  2. Those are some good looking panini.

  3. I love when sandwiches are served on rustic slabs of board/wood. Makes it seem very homemade-in-the-countryside.

  4. i wish we had something like that out here in BFE.


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