Sunday, December 4, 2011

Surpisingly Decent: Bao Dim Sum House

Brother Monkey moved to the Hollywood Hills, so when Mama Monkey and her husband came to visit the new house, we all headed to Bao Dim Sum House on Beverly Boulevard because it was much closer than the San Gabriel Valley.
bao 005
bao 007
bao 011
Our gamble paid off. Even though Bao Dim Sum House is far more expensive than anything you'll find in the SGV, it sufficiently satisfied our craving. Even Mama Monkey and Stepdad Monkey agreed. I knew, despite its location, it was the real deal when I overheard Chinese being shouted in the kitchen.

Spare ribs in black bean sauce with taro ($5.50).
bao 023

Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf ($4.95).
bao 026

Pork and shrimp shumai ($5.25).
bao 029

Baked BBQ pork bun ($4.95).
bao 030

Baby bok choy with garlic ($6.75).
bao 034

Crispy scallion pancake ($4.25).
bao 035

Crystal shrimp dumpling ($4.95).
bao 039

Shrimp-stuffed tofu ($4.95).
bao 041

Juicy pork dumpling ($4.95).
bao 045

Tofu skin roll with shrimp ($5.50).
bao 047

Poached Chinese broccoli ($6.75).
bao 051

Shrimp-stuffed bell pepper ($4.95).
bao 055

Crispy seafood noodles ($8.75).
bao 057

Crispy calamari with salt and pepper ($6.75).
bao 058

Radish cake with Chinese sausage ($4.75).
bao 063
Is Bao Dim Sum House better than our tried-and-true SGV haunts like Sea Harbour and Elite? Of course not. But it's an enjoyable Hollywood substitute as long as you turn a blind eye to the higher bill.


  1. 1. bromo is a baller.
    2. where's the rest of the scallion pancake?
    3. prices aren't as bad as i expected. not great, but ok. especially since the food looks pretty good/authentic.

  2. And now I'm glad I have baby bok choy in my fridge, because I want some!

  3. Yay for dim sum on the Westside. I liked it well enough. Glad to see it has the Monkey seal of approval :)

  4. Looks betetr than the expensive dim sum I had at Yank Sing last weekend!

  5. I love that it looks like a PF Chang's. Makes it all the more surprising that you set foot in there.

  6. I'm having such a huge craving for dim sum now. But it doesn't taste the same when it'snot being served bu surly disgruntled Chinese ladies pushing metal carts.

  7. yeah, those prices are most definitely NOT SGV. but it looks cool as hell.


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