Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Chain That Makes the Cut: Katsuya

There are a handful of chain restaurants that I like. Katsuya is one of them. The few times I've been to the Downtown L.A. location have been at the request of friends during different dineLA weeks.
katsuya 001katsuya 004
katsuya 005katsuya 012
katsuya 007katsuya 008
katsuya 042
As obnoxious as it is, I kind of dig the over-the-top modern geisha decor.

For $34, you get a ton of food.
katsuya 014
katsuya 018katsuya 024
katsuya 026katsuya 022
katsuya 016katsuya 021
katsuya 030katsuya 033
katsuya 037
katsuya 032
katsuya 040
Needless to say, this is definitely one of the more filling dineLA deals. The fruity cocktails here are fabulous, too. Good for a girls' night out!


  1. yum yum! i love katsuya, but i prefer the original pre-starck/SBE location in studio city best. less scene, yet i see many more celebs here. same incredible food. :)

  2. good to know! i've been wondering about katsuya. when i saw these pics on twitter i was like - how do you order EVERYthing?!

  3. Tell me you saw Heidi Montag? She's the reason why Katsuya is even on my radar. Sad!

  4. I really like the Katusu-ya in the Valley and the Izaka-ya on Third Street. I'm happy as a clam when I'm noshing on one of their hand crab rolls, spicy tuna on crispy rice, albacore with crispy onions...

    Gah! Now I'm hungry.

  5. still haven't been! dude, what's up with that?! btw, LOVE your pictures. you always have a good shot.

  6. lol at Gastronomer - I saw Heidi and Spencer at the Brentwood one a long time ago. He was on the phone the entire evening and Heidi was just sitting there. This was before he had blossomed into full douche. He was just a demi-douche back then.

  7. i'm really surprised that you like katsuya. of course, maybe it's because of the dine l.a. deals - because on any given day, it's super duper overpriced.

  8. Hmmm, will have to reconsider then. Maybe we'll try to go during this upcoming Dine LA.


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