Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not So Hot: Hot Stuff Cafe

dineLA does not offer many options in the San Gabriel Valley. Hot Stuff Cafe is one of the few participants in the area. I went for lunch with Wandering Chopsticks and my co-worker, Giggles.
hot stuff cafe 025hot stuff cafe 003
hot stuff cafe 007hot stuff cafe 009
hot stuff cafe 004hot stuff cafe 015
hot stuff cafe 010hot stuff cafe 012
hot stuff cafe 020hot stuff cafe 022
hot stuff cafe 021
Things I liked: (1) utensils as exclamation marks in the signage, (2) the frozen slush drink, and (3) the heart-shaped cookie.

I won't be back.


  1. That red soup/stew looks good. Is that cauliflower?

    I am also wondering what my blog nickname would be. Myblackfriend is too obvious, and giggles is already taken. Hmmm...

  2. Aw! "Hot Stuff Cafe" showed so much promise with its name...

  3. Ha! I still haven't blogged it yet. :P

    I liked my creme brulee trio.

  4. The restaurant name sounds fun. Too bad the food wasn't good for you.


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