Thursday, December 9, 2010

Woohoo for Sam Woo BBQ

Sam Woo BBQ is an institution in Southern California. I don't even know how many locations there are. Probably a dozen. I've eaten at four of them. These photos are from a visit to the San Gabriel restaurant in the 99 Ranch Plaza (140 W. Valley Boulevard).
sam woo bbq 001sam woo bbq 007
sam woo bbq 006
sam woo bbq 008
I've loved roasted hanging meat since I was a child. Is that weird?

House special pork with preserved vegetable ($6.50).
sam woo bbq 015
sam woo bbq 024sam woo bbq 020
This is the OG pork belly, people. Nom nom nom!

Sam Woo Combination Platter ($16.95).
sam woo bbq 031
Not a fan of the chicken and the large intestines, but everything else on the plate is great.

Beef chow fun with tender greens ($5.75), ong choy with bean curd sauce ($7.95), and tofu with spicy pepper and salt ($6.95).
sam woo bbq 021
sam woo bbq 025
sam woo bbq 034
All quite tasty.

Reliable. Good prices. Fast. Winner.


  1. I want the combination platter in my mouth.

  2. There is one of these about a block away from our new house...

  3. yeah, I don't think I'd be a fan of large intestines either. oh well, more for someone else!

  4. I know where meat comes from, but I don't think I could see it like that.

  5. Who doesn't love Sammy Woo? He's my homeboy!

  6. <3 sam woo <3
    lots of memories of childhood/adolescence there.

  7. Is it sad that I've never been to a Sam Woo? I'm thinking yes.


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