Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Your Izakaya On: Honda-Ya

Honda-Ya (333 S. Alameda, Suite 314, Los Angeles) is a nearby haunt of ours in the Little Tokyo Galleria. We go there often with Mr. Monkey's family, including Little Monkey Niece.
honda ya 004honda ya 007
honda ya 005
For those of you unfamiliar with izakaya, it's basically Japanese small plates in a tavern setting. Drinking is usually the primary focus at such places, but the food here is a star in its own right.

The prices are great. You won't need to hold back when most things cost from $3.50 to $12.95 (which is the price a giant two-item dinner combination).
honda ya 008honda ya 020
honda ya 032honda ya 035
honda ya 037honda ya 040
honda ya 042honda ya 043
honda ya 044honda ya 045
honda ya 046honda ya 030
honda ya 051
honda ya 049honda ya 024
honda ya 010honda ya 012
honda ya 014honda ya 018
honda ya 016honda ya 021
honda ya 022honda ya 034
honda ya 026honda ya 029
Grilled things? Check. Fried things? Check. Fresh raw things? Check.

You should check it out.


  1. i love izakayas. need to check this place out since it's so close!

  2. Sadly it's too far for me to check out because it looks very yummy.

  3. I went to a birthday party here and remember drinking well and eating well. Good times!

  4. Aaaaah, I want to eat all of it (and was hoping for a Monkey Niece feature...)!

  5. I've been meaning to try this place since it opened but haven't gotten around to it. Nice to know that it's somewhat kid friendly--it'll help to get my ass in there sooner! :)

  6. something about small plates gets me really excited. Everything looks delicious.

  7. That looks so tasty! And again, I'm breaking my cardinal rule of not reading your blog before lunch time...

  8. YUM! I must take my friend there someday. We both love izakaya.

  9. love izakayas. for those that are "far," there is one in tustin and another in city of industry/hacienda as well.

  10. Beautiful looking pics. I've been there once and had an enjoyable experience!

  11. Oh, I'll have to check this out. If they're open for lunch, this could be fun with my CWs. :)


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