Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fast Filipino Fare: Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a chain of Filipino bakeries that also happens to serve some small Filipino entrees.
red ribbon 003red ribbon 004
red ribbon 005red ribbon 009
This place is great for a quick, cheap lunch on a weekday. All entrees are just $4.39.

Arroz caldo, baked macaroni, sotanghon, free sample of ube (purple yam) cake, and two slices of unidentified cake that my friends ate.
red ribbon 013
red ribbon 011red ribbon 015
red ribbon 006red ribbon 007
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If you can't resist the cake, you can get a combo meal with cake and a soda for $6.40 to $6.90. A pretty good deal!


  1. WOOOHOOO! I love Red Ribbon! I like their Palabok. And their mocha toffee crunch cake and mango cake. Love. It. There are none near me though, which is sad. Enjoy a #1 for me next time you're there!

  2. My co-workers and I go there pretty often! I get #2 every single time.

  3. I've been there before for some of the treats but haven't had any meals yet. I need to join Winnie sometime!

  4. Damn, baked macaroni sounds kind of delicious. And purple cake seems like something you'd just have to try if it were offered to you.

  5. Love Red Ribbon! Especially their palabok. I about had a heart attack when I walked in one Saturday morning & they were out of ensaimada!

  6. [whispering]
    not a huge fan of filipno bakeries. although i love the savory food not from their bakeries. let's just say i had too much goldilocks growing up thanks to weird korean ladies at church that loved the stuff and would force feed us kids their stuff.

  7. Team Lumpia!!

    That cake does not look good.

  8. The halo halo here is also quite legit!


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