Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memorable, It's Not: La Botte


It's been awhile since I dined at La Botte with AJ, Ashley, and insomniac.
la botte 002la botte 003
la botte 005la botte 004
We went during dineLA last year.

I could blame the lack of details on the passage of time.
la botte 013la botte 014
la botte 011la botte 024
la botte 021la botte 027
la botte 028la botte 030
But the truth is the food, while good, didn't inspire me to return.

I have a great memory of the night, however.

I recall the odd mannerisms of our crazy obsequious server. I still laugh at insomniac's tale of said server running outside to thank her profusely for her generous gratuity, calling her "Bella" and spewing forth other nonsense. I know that this was due to our splitting of the check and adding higher tips on the bills of those who drank more.

So, you see, it's not that I don't remember the night. I remember. Vividly even.

La Botte, you're nice and all, but I don't know how you scored a Michelin star.


  1. i don't even know how you keep all of the restaurants straight in your head. i'm just glad i'm not the one that has to do it. :)

  2. Ohh, I really like La Botte. Sad to hear your experience was not as good.

  3. Oh you so gen-e-rous! Bella - I come home with you!


  4. It looks good. I do hate when restaurants are a disappointment.

  5. That sounded like one weird server.

  6. At least something stood out about the meal. ;)


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