Monday, March 28, 2011

Doggone Good: Japa Dog

Right outside of our hotel was a famed Japa Dog stand! How's that for lucky?
vancouver 017
vancouver 020
vancouver 027
vancouver 030vancouver 029
vancouver 021vancouver 031
vancouver 037
Japa Dog has several locations in Downtown Vancouver.

Kurobuta Terimayo -- (CAN $6.75).
vancouver 041

Okonomi -- Kurobuta pork, Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, fried cabbage, bonito flakes (CAN $6.25).
vancouver 035
vancouver 032

Spicy Cheese Terimayo -- jalapeƱo and cheese smokie, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, seaweed (CAN $6.25).
vancouver 039

Nom nom nom.
vancouver 046
We loved Japa Dog so much that we grabbed some dogs during both of our Vancouver trips. Why don't we have Japa Dog in Los Angeles?!


  1. I hadn't heard of this! i'll eat anything topped with seaweed. i'm sad no one in LA has thought to do this!

  2. You should start a Japa Dog truck here!

  3. Seriously. With all the food trucks in LA, I'm surprised no one has copied this yet.

  4. Time to see how you can franchise it in LA, and while you are at it - send them to michigan to. Looks delicious!

  5. I don't think it's normal to want a hotdog at 7 a.m. but oh well those look good!

  6. Well, according to Psych, which is filmed in Vancouver but supposed to take place in Santa Barbara, there are Japa Dog stands in SB. Massive fail Psych, massive fail.

  7. LA does have Dogzilla and there's a stall that pops up when little tokyo has a cultural festival. If you're in Vegas, Fuku Burger Truck has "japa" like dogs and burgers. It's a truck I look forward to whenever I go to Vegas.

  8. One of the highlights of my Vancouver trip last year!

  9. We never tried this place. We walked by but we'd just eaten lunch.

  10. this will definitely get me to vancouver.

    summer road trip!

  11. ooh the one with bonito flakes looks so good!

    apparently the bear went to some surfer hipster thing in downtown long beach a few months ago where they had a food truck that served japanese/hawaiian fusion hot dogs that were pretty similar. i'll have to see if he remembers its name.


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