Monday, March 7, 2011

Beer Hall Brunch: The Publican

We were thrilled that Mr. and Mrs. HaveShoesWillEatandTravel met us at The Publican for our last meal in Chicago. They had just gotten off a flight from South Africa only a few hours before brunch!
publican 003
publican 001publican 004
publican 040
Mr. and Mrs. HaveShoesWillEatandTravel share our passion for food and travel. We like to think of them as a younger Chicago version of us!

Wood dominates the English pub-style space, which is well-lit during the day. Described by its proprietors as "pristine product, simply prepared," the food at The Publican is quite something. We were not disappointed.

Fresh squeezed juice ($3 each).
publican 006
There may have been a mimosa imbibed, too. It may have cost $8.

We ordered a number of sides to share in addition to our entrees. We don't mess around when there is so much goodness to be had on a menu. We love Mr. and Mrs. HaveShoesWillEatandTravel so much.

Spicy pork rinds ($5).
publican 012
Chicago chicharrones in da hizzy! Not the best I've ever had, but a fun start!

Fresh ricotta and honey, banana bread, and pecans ($6).
publican 015
So simple but so good. Beautiful morning sweetness.

Frites with fried eggs ($7).
publican 016
How could this not be fabulous? Fries! With fried eggs! Yes!

Hash browns ($3).
publican 024
Am I the only one who thinks this browning is absolutely gorgeous? Those were some good-looking hash browns. Super crunchy tasty awesomeness.

Red wine poached egg, La Quercia prosciutto, sourdough, and Hollandaise ($11).
publican 020
Mrs. Shoes ordered well. The bite I had was luscious and filled with all sorts of different flavors and textures. Surprisingly complex.

Fried French toast, maple breakfast sausage, maple syrup ($11).
publican 029
Mr. Monkey loved this modified classic. The fry job was exquisite, and the sausage was the real deal.

Country ham schnitzel, fried eggs, and mustard-caper sauce ($16).
publican 032
Mr. Shoes opted for this Austrian-meets-down-home-country dish. The portion I sampled was fantastic. Meaty, eggy, yummy.

Hanger steak, sweet potatoes, fried egg, anchovy butter, sourdough ($15).
publican 036
And then there was my dish. Superb. Nothing more need be said.

Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Shoes, for brunching with us after your crazy long flights. You were the perfect ending to our Chicago weekend.


  1. Yay I made the blog again! Yum, what a good meal. We love the Monkeys too.

  2. chicarrones? fries with fried egg? it sounds like my dream breakfast!

  3. That hash brown! Has hash ever looked so deliciously brown? I think not!

  4. I love joyous brunching. Also, regarding hash browns, why bother presenting me with the stuff if it doesn't have the crunchy crust?!

  5. The food looks better than I imagine it would taste!

  6. Glad you went to the Publican. I haven't had the brunch, but the food during dinner was fantastic!

  7. Breakfast/brunch has recently become one of my favorite meals of the day - that all looks soooo good!

  8. so jealous of your meeting with mr & mrs HSWT! i don't know if the hub would be so open to meeting up with my invisible friends.


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