Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our First Vancouver Digs: The Sutton Place Hotel

We went to Vancouver twice in a short span. Both times, we flew on Allegiant Air to Bellingham, WA for just $15 each way and then drove across the border. Yes, you read that right. $15!
vancouver 001
The best place on Earth? You are a confident region, British Columbia.

Our room at The Sutton Place Hotel in Downtown Vancouver was lovely. I'm told that this was where the cast of Twilight stayed while shooting. I suppose that's interesting if you're into Twilight.
vancouver 048
vancouver 047
vancouver 004
vancouver 003
vancouver 005
vancouver 006
vancouver 007
vancouver 008
vancouver 009
vancouver 012
vancouver 010
vancouver 011
Our room was very spacious and had a pretty view of the city.

Our room also included this.
vancouver 042
vancouver 043
vancouver 044
Good job, Mr. Monkey, for booking The Sutton Place Hotel!


  1. I have to say Mr. Monkey is a travel booking ninja. 'Nuff said!

  2. We've done the $15 Bellingham flight and drive too! The hubs wanted to figure out a way to drive through Forks, but it would have been talky out of the way. Next month we're flying straight in to Vancouver.

  3. Wow that dessert looked amazing. Great shots! I love your travel posts :-)

  4. Was it actually your anniversary this time or was it fake like at The James?

  5. so jealous of that airfare, what a steal! I thought I had stayed at that hotel but, uh, looking at your photos I'm thinking that's a big fat negative.

  6. Mr. Monkey is amazing. I need him to book my next trip! You always take the best photos. Can't wait for more. Not lying. ;)

  7. Great shots! This makes me want to go back to Vancouver for longer than a day like I was last time.

  8. LMAO, HaveShoes! This was a real anniversary!

    Thanks for commenting, guys. ;)

  9. YAY! I love travel posts. That hotel looks really nice.

    I may have mentioned this before, but I love how you have the drop down menus for the various categories. It is really helpful when planning a trip.


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