Thursday, May 12, 2011

Animal House: Northwest Trek

Northwest Trek, a 723-acre wildlife park featuring a 435-acre free-roaming area tram tour, is 55 miles south of Seattle. Home to more than 200 North American animals, Northwest Trek is a fun detour.
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seattle 057
seattle 081
seattle 093
seattle 104
seattle 120
seattle 134
seattle 158
seattle 166
seattle 175
seattle 178
seattle 189
seattle 202
seattle 204
seattle 207

seattle 216
seattle 265
seattle 251
seattle 286
seattle 290
seattle 303
seattle 317
seattle 319
seattle 338

seattle 342
seattle 347
seattle 350
We had a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon at Northwest Trek.


  1. What great shots! I know this is dumb, but every time I see animal pictures I get more and more excited for Tanzania, even though (obviously) these are not the same kinds of animals at all!

  2. i'm enjoying all your seattle blog entries-- we're going on a short memorial day vacation to seattle,so would love all your seattle recommendations! :)

  3. Impressive. I'm not sure why that was my first reaction, but it was. Happy to see the animals not in confining cages.

  4. incredible photos! i like the bears, of course.

  5. Nice pics. I think I'd be too scared to be that close to some of these animals but still pretty cool. Especially of the moose!

  6. Kinda cool that that's just outside of Seattle.

  7. Do you work for National Geographic?

  8. man,i hope we get to go on our pacific northwest tour this summer. the girls would love this place!

  9. I just want to cuddle that bear that's laying on the ground.


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