Monday, May 16, 2011

A Taste of Italy in Seattle: Volterra

Before we headed to the Ballard Locks, we had brunch at Volterra
seattle 026
seattle 025
This charming space has a skylight through which bountiful natural light streams.

Ultimate peach thyme bellini -- white peach puree, bitters, fresh thyme, prosecco ($7.00).
seattle 007
What a way to start my day! Cheers to alcohol in the morning!

Volterra makes its own jam.
seattle 009
seattle 022
We made good use of it.

Black peppercorn wide noodles and duck ragu with Sicilian pecorino pepato ($13.45).
seattle 013
seattle 017
Fresh pasta smothered with a gorgeous savory duck-laden sauce. Lovely.

Bacon, Provolone, avocado, and green onion scramble with hash browns and toast ($10.45).
seattle 018
Strong breakfast offering albeit not Italian. Tasty.

Bellies full, we were ready to conquer Ballard.


  1. homemade jam looks amazing!!!!

    pasta with duck sauce....goodness.

  2. I love your brunches. I never have luck with brunches at Italian restaurants.

  3. I hope you guys swung by Delancey for a meal while in Ballard. Fingers crossed.

  4. You really can't go wrong with alcohol in the morning!

  5. bolognese, ragu, all this is making me really want pasta.

  6. Oooooh fancy bellini. Way to make me want a drink in the middle of my work day.

  7. I love homemade strawberry jam. I'm always surprised by how bright red it is.

    That pasta looks so good.

    Whenever I hear/see "Volterra," my first though is the Twilight series. So mature, I know. lol

  8. oooh, pasta. it looks fantastic.


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