Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farm-to-Every-Table-Except-Ours: Tilth

From the outside, Tilth looks like an old green house. From the outside, you wouldn't know that Tilth is a leader in the farm-to-table movement. From the outside, you wouldn't know that Chef Maria Hines has been honored by both the James Beard Foundation and Food & Wine Magazine.

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But will you experience all this greatness inside of Tilth?

Like all the food at Tilth, condiments are natural and certified organic.

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Mr. Monkey asked for Tabasco but was given housemade Sriracha and Chinese hot sauce instead.

We had to ask for a lot of things...including simple service. After we were seated, we were ignored for a very long time, while servers attended to other parties who arrived long after we did. Needless to say, this did not please us.

Mini duck burgers, fingerling chips, housemade ketchup, hot mustard ($18).
seattle 012
seattle 029
Meaty and juicy and seriously adorable.

Dungeness crab omelet, corn, tarragon, crème fraiche ($15).
seattle 021
Certainly fresh and of great quality but lacking oomph. Hence the request for Tabasco.

Side of bourbon vanilla French toast, apple marmalade, almond, orange bread ($5).
seattle 016
Perfect mini dessert to end this brunch. Literally the sweetest part of our meal.

I'd been looking forward to Tilth ever since I read about it, but our experience was such a letdown because of poor service. Objectively, the food is mostly delightful. But I have to give a thumbs down because we didn't leave happy.


  1. boo. although i'd love to try the housemade sriracha. i have a bunch of recipes for it bookmarked for next time my MIL harvests her pepper plants...whee!

  2. booooo. those duck burgers do look good, though.

  3. I would have complained. Dining out is about more than just good food, it's also about being waited on and the whole experience!

  4. hmph, sucky about the service. that french toast looks to.die.for though.

  5. boooo. bad service is sometimes forgivable, but not when other people are getting good service.


  6. mini duck burgers. ZOMG. sounds and looks amazing.

  7. it's almost impossible to make up for crap service with great food. at least, for me it is.

  8. nothing irks me more than bad service. poo!


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