Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ballard Locks

The Ballard Locks are formally named the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, but nobody actually calls them that.

Boats cross the locks between the salty Puget Sound and the fresh Ship Canal. When you visit, you can also see a fish ladder and botanical garden.
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seattle 060
seattle 089
seattle 062
seattle 070
seattle 078
seattle 079
seattle 111
seattle 083
seattle 095
seattle 090
seattle 098
seattle 088
seattle 092
seattle 108
seattle 055
seattle 113
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seattle 115
seattle 116
We had fun seeing the locks in action. It's an interesting system. You can learn more about the Ballard Locks here.


  1. I love this! When I lived in Seattle, we would go here frequently. Thanks for the memories :)

  2. Is it weird that I would love to see a fish ladder?

  3. Beautiful flowers! And, I like the fish ladder too.

  4. amazing photo of that passion flower.

  5. first thought that popped in my head: "why are they called locks?"

    thanks for posting the sign that explained it. heh.


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