Friday, May 27, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance: Sweet Iron Waffles

While we loved Cafe Campagne, we purposefully skipped dessert, so we could visit Sweet Iron Waffles for a sweet treat afterward.

These aren't just any waffles. They're Li├Ęge waffles made with all natural butter, Shepherd's flour, honey, yeast, and pearl sugar.
cafe campagne 029
cafe campagne 031
cafe campagne 033
cafe campagne 036
We shared this ice cream waffle with Lopez Island Creamery ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, and Holquist hazelnuts ($5.99).

Sooooo yummy.


  1. ugh that looks so good. i <3 waffles so much i ate one every night for a month straight in college at our dining hall's make-your-own iron station. oink.

  2. That looks SO good. I love desserts.

  3. I make waffles for dessert, but the hubs just can't get behind it.

  4. lol at Tater's comment!

    The waffle and ice cream look so good. Yums!

  5. that sounds like my idea of heaven. and the teen's. the bean's, too.


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