Friday, May 20, 2011

The Space Needle and Seattle Center

Like any dutiful tourist, we paid homage the iconic Space Needle. What visitors may not know is that the surrounding area -- Seattle Center -- is worth a saunter, too.
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seattle 125
seattle 127
seattle 126
seattle 134
seattle 133
seattle 135
seattle 137
seattle 173
seattle 143
seattle 142
seattle 146
seattle 147
seattle 152
seattle 154
seattle 158
seattle 160
seattle 168
seattle 165


  1. It's a good thing you visited. I mean, that thing is like the Eiffel Tower of the Pacific Northwest!

  2. ugh to the dang gehry music experience building. i do like seattle center minus that, though.

  3. I missed the water fountain. Oops. I enjoyed the Space Needle though

  4. the one and only time we've been to seattle, we ate at the restaurant at the top of the space needle.

    such tourists.

  5. This is the centerpiece of Seattle! Kind of a weird structure but it's an icon for the city. What are your favorite places to eat at when you come to Bellevue and Seattle? If you're ever in the area come check out Suite Lounge in downtown bellevue and let us know you're in the area.

    The nightlife scene in Seattle and Bellevue has been getting a lot better lately as well. Hope to see you soon


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