Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dim Sum Elitists, Yummy Carnitas, Berries With Beavis

I'm a fairly knowledgeable diner when it comes to dim sum, so I was surprised that I hadn't yet tried Elite Restaurant (700 S. Atlantic, Monterey Park), where we celebrated Lilcee's birthday yesterday. Very exciting to try a new place! Even more exciting to love it!
elite 001
elite 005
Mr. Cee did a great job of organizing. He and Lilcee's cousin even prepared these little favors!
elite 003
elite 002
R texted me for the cross-street of the restaurant, which none of us remembered off-hand, so tater and the bear whipped out their new iPhones and looked them up. The bear was faster this time!
elite 007
Isn't my old iPhone so hideous compared to tater's new baby? Like an ugly stepsister.
elite 008
If Winnie hadn't moved, she could've sat here. (We miss you!)
elite 006
Fried taro dumplings (deep-fried taro, mushrooms, shrimp, and pork).
elite 010
Fried glutinous rice dumplings filled with pork and shiitake mushrooms -- always one of my faves.
elite 012
Blurry bean curd. It's hard taking pics of food on a moving lazy susan.
elite 013
Shredded wheat. Not really. Don't know what it's actually called, but it was good.
elite 014
Stir-fried chang fen (wide rice noodles).
elite 015
Shao mai (steamed pork dumplings in a wheat wrapper topped with roe).
elite 018
Spring rolls.
elite 019
Pai gu (little spareribs).
elite 020
Steamed dumplings.
elite 021
elite 022
Xia jiao (shrimp dumplings).
elite 024
Steamed cha shao bao (barbecued pork bun).
elite 026
Shrimp chang fen (steamed wide rice noodles stuffed with shrimp).
elite 027
Tofu-skin rolls.
elite 031
You tiao chang fen (steamed wide rice noodles wrapped around the literally-translated "grease stick," which some people call a "cruller" or "Chinese donut" -- it's like a glistening salty hybrid between a donut and a churro).
elite 032
Honey-glazed baked cha shao bao.
elite 034
elite 038
"Stop singing, you guys."
elite 039elite 040
Wan's slice of cake. I thought she was lucky to get the yellow flower, but it turned out that the yellow flower was lemon-flavored, which didn't pair well at all with the light and tasty mocha cake. Quite the misguided combination.
elite 041
Thanks so much for inviting me, Mr. Cee! Happy birthday to everybody's favorite Undomestic Goddess!
elite 044
After dim sum, it was not quite time to go to my next event of the day, so Wan, R, and I hung out at cé fiore for a bit.
ian 001
We lounged and chatted and then headed to Jim and Amber's new house!
housewarming 048
The new pad is awesome. I had a great time at the Jamber-ee! Get it? Get it? Har har har.
housewarming 046
housewarming 047
The realtor there insisted on name tags. In honor of the Olympics, I wrote this.
housewarming 059
My disenchantment with mandatory name tags was erased by this guy.
housewarming 049
housewarming 052
housewarming 053
housewarming 055
housewarming 056
And, yes, we went from dim sum to cé fiore to the Jamber-ee. In my defense, I didn't actually eat anything at cé fiore. Stop giving me your disapproving glances.

The taco guy put a smile on all of our faces! Thanks for opening your home, Jamber!
housewarming 057
Was the day done yet? Nope. I still had dinner plans in a few hours with my dear friend Editor. He's one of my favorite people from my college days. Here we are in our fake band over 10 years ago. Editor is the faux goth.
And here we are in 2006.
editor rehearsal dinner
editor wedding
Editor's sister Tabby Kat lives in L.A., and she and her husband were wonderful hosts. I had an awesome time at their place. Thank you!

Bloody Mary.
ian 003
Amazing artichoke and dip.
ian 005
ian 006
Delicious marinated flank steak.
ian 009
Crazy sweet and juicy corn.
ian 010
The Kats' little patio dining area and Beavis the [real] cat.
ian 012
ian 013
My dinner plate.
ian 014
I like corn. A lot.
ian 015
For dessert, Editor and Tabby Kat made whipped cream to garnish our fruit.
ian 017
Mr. Kat decided that this was the best music to accompany the task.
ian 016
Behold! Editor and Tabby Kat create fresh whipped cream!

ian 019
The blackberries, raspberries, and golden raspberries.
ian 020
ian 026
The white peaches layered on top.
ian 022
Put a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream and voilà! Yumminess!
ian 024
ian 027
Few things are better than catching up with an old friend.


  1. aww I'm glad you got to see Mr Editor again! and cheers to Olympic spirit ;)

  2. I feel like we had a parallel weekend only yours involved more food. I am scared of dim sum. The only dim sum in Philly is for breakfast, and that freaks me out a little. If you ever come to Philly (or vice versa) I will pay you to be my dim sum guide.

  3. i think i just gained 5 lbs reading this. where's the mister? i miss him.

  4. if i only i could have taco guy be at my wedding reception, Fiance would die of happiness.

  5. Was that all one day? Longest day ever!!!

  6. I think it's awesome that you had three meals with great people and great food. You're a lucky lady.

  7. I ARE a lucky lady! What a fun day!

  8. jamberee!!! EXTRA sad i missed it now for the alternative. i did have some sweet corn at the BBQ we went, though.

  9. Too much fun!! And food!! I want a taco guy at every party I attend.

  10. I love dim sum!!! I just got an iphone too~ yea~

  11. Thank you for blogging the first half of my day so much better than I could have. ;) Your dinner looks soooo goooood!

  12. what a perfect storm of friends and food. i have a corn problem too ;)

  13. omg, what an amazing day o' food. the dim sum alone would have made for a perfect weekend!!!

  14. definitely definitely write about your dream. i was just writing about how william even senses in his sleep if i'm upset. :) i won't feel mocked, swear.

  15. taco guy was good, but i'm still bummed i had to miss dimsum :(

    thanks for coming out this weekend!

  16. I wanted to cry when I saw your dim sum photos on flickr :( So many yummy food pics. Totally jealous of your day.

  17. whee for being there for 2/3 of the day!

  18. What a fun day with delicious food!


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