Thursday, January 12, 2012

Burger Time: Holsteins

Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan serves great shakes and burgers.
holsteins 002holsteins 007
holsteins 006holsteins 003
holsteins 001
The food is overpriced for what it is, but we still had a very good experience.

Complimentary popcorn.
holsteins 016

Black and white milkshake ($8).
holsteins 015

Philly cheez steak spring rolls with "udder" sauce ($12).
holsteins 018

The Rising Sun -- Kobe beef, teriyaki glaze, nori furikake, crispy yam, spicy mayo, tempura avocado ($16.50).
holsteins 020
holsteins 029

Gold Standard -- dry-aged beef sirloin, smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit, baby arugula, garlic-chive aioli ($17.50).
holsteins 023
holsteins 027

Holsteins Happy Meal -- pumpkin pie slider, churro fries, pomegranate "ketchup" ($14).
holsteins 045
holsteins 032
holsteins 036
holsteins 038
holsteins 042
Dessert was so adorable, but the burgers and shake were the clear winners. Truly excellent. If you can stomach the inflated costs, Holsteins is worth a visit.


  1. "philly cheese steak" and "spring roll" don't seem to go together.

    Or maybe they do.

  2. Yum! I think I would fill up on shake before I even took a bite of food.

  3. Haven't heard of this place before- thanks for sharing!

  4. Come back to Philly and try an authentic philly cheese steak spring roll! That shake looked really great :)

  5. This place looks so fun and delicious!

  6. mmm...meat. despite being a purist, i love anything w/cream cheese & deep fried in a wonton skin.

  7. i want to go to here just for the churro fries.


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