Friday, January 6, 2012

Good Catch: Chart House

Horror of horrors, a chain restaurant! But I love Chart House in the Golden Nugget. It's like you're eating underwater!
chart house 001
chart house 005chart house 004

(1) East Meets West Tuna -- zesty tuna tartare, wasabi cream, seared peppered tuna, avocado, kimchi slaw, plantain chips ($13).
(2) Lobster and shrimp spring rolls -- rice paper with cabbage, cucumber, capellini, citrus chili dipping sauce ($11).
(3) Calamari & Friends -- lightly fried calamari and more, citrus chili sauce, marinara ($10).
(4) Tempura shrimp kushi, avocado, soy glaze, kimchi slaw, citrus chili dipping sauce ($11).
chart house 013chart house 014
chart house 016chart house 017

Strawberry basil caipirinha ($10).
chart house 019

Clam chowder ($4.50).
chart house 021

Spiced yellowfin ahi, ginger soy sauce, wasabi cream, wasabi mashed potatoes ($17).
chart house 022

Lobster grilled cheese, lobster bisque for dipping ($14).
chart house 025

Hot chocolate lava cake -- molten Godiva liqueur center, chocolate sauce, Heath bar crunch, vanilla ice cream ($11).
chart house 027
If only all chains were this good.

This meal was comped.


  1. You're not going to believe this but that clam chowder looks like Outback's! lol

  2. This was so yummy! And so much fun! :-D

  3. this chart house is much prettier than the ones i've been to.

  4. the strawberry basil caipirinha looks uh-mazing!

  5. I love drinks with basil- everything else looks amazing, too!

  6. well, if you had to do a chain restaurant, at least it was one of the better ones.


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