Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hotel 32 at Monte Carlo

When Mr. Monkey's father said he was playing at the Monte Carlo, my first reaction was slight disappointment. But then we discovered we were staying at Hotel 32.
vic & anthonys 001
vic & anthonys 002
vic & anthonys 032
vic & anthonys 018
vic & anthonys 019
vic & anthonys 006
vic & anthonys 008
vic & anthonys 017
vic & anthonys 012
vic & anthonys 025
vic & anthonys 023
vic & anthonys 015
monte carlo 003
vic & anthonys 010
vic & anthonys 026
vic & anthonys 030
vic & anthonys 031
vic & anthonys 029
This was easily our favorite room in Las Vegas to date, so much so that we're thrilled to have certain similar features in our own home now. Quite the inspiration!

This room was comped.


  1. Confesh: I still like Golden Nugget better lol!

  2. Can he please adopt me and/or S? Maybe S because he seemed to like S better. But regardless, you always get to have so many fab perks because of Mr. Monkey's dad!

  3. I don't know. The suite at the Palazzo was pretty amazing. This looks fantastic as well.

  4. That room looks so good! And Mr. Monkey looks like he's a blast :) Bonus points for Kiehl's products!! How were the Jabawokeez? I loved them on America's Best Dance Crew, lol. Me=nerd

  5. LOVE this room. Who knew this was in the Monte Carlo?!

  6. OH My gosh! I cannot believe how cool that room is. Lucky!

  7. Wow! No disappointment in the Monte Carlo at all! Love the Kiehls and the little pastries! Oh and of course the tub!

  8. Wow I did not know this part of the Monte Carlo existed. I hope your house has gorgeous chocolates laid out too ...

  9. i totally want to stay there. or live there.

  10. i have a soft spot in my heart for the monte carlo. it's the first vegas hotel the hub and i stayed at together.


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