Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Solid Seafood: American Fish


American Fish is Chef Michael Mina's seafood offering at the Aria Resort and Casino.
american fish 053
american fish 049
american fish 050
american fish 048
american fish 047
american fish 008
We liked this meal, but, while solid, it was nothing particularly special. A four-course meal for $79 was a decent deal, though.

First Course A: Oysters, Bloody Mary, mignonette.
american fish 010

First Course B: Tuna tartare, wild arugula, quail egg, pine nuts, Castelvetrano olives.
american fish 014

Second Course A: Manhattan clam chowder, oyster crackers, crispy pork belly.
american fish 016
american fish 029

Second Course B: Shrimp and grits, jalapeño, Serrano ham.
american fish 023

Third Course A: Boneless New York, creamed mushrooms, cauliflower, marbled potatoes.
american fish 031

Side of Brussels sprouts.
american fish 034

Third Course B: Mediterranean branzino, squid ink risotto, saffron sauce, red wine artichokes, arugula.
american fish 038

Fourth Course A: Valrhona chocolate custard, red velvet cake, pecans, cocoa nib ice cream.
american fish 041

Fourth Course B: Mascarpone cheesecake, huckleberries, vanilla crust.
american fish 046
Great space. Great service. Good food. Just not great food.


  1. The red velvet dessert looks good!

  2. too bad it was just solid. the bear will pay out the nose for amazing seafood. bears love salmon, after all.

  3. i'm pretty sure your "not great food" probably = "fantastic food" for me.


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