Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweets for the Sweet: Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace is an old standby for us because it's free, and we never have to wait for a table. Those three letters really work wonders.
serendipity 007
We often come here for lunch when we meet friends with kids.

Empire State Onion Rings -- tower of onion rings sprinkled with Romano cheese, ranch and BBQ Seren-DIPS ($10).
serendipity 021

Thai Beef Salad -- marinated skirt steak, iceberg, napa cabbage, cilantro, jalapeƱos, tomato, Asian pickle, and toasted peanut dressing nestled in a coconut shell ($16.50).
serendipity 036

The One and Only Las Vegas Strip Steak Sandwich -- 10 oz. New York strip steak, sunny side up eggs, smoked bacon, cheddar and jack cheeses on garlic French bread ($20).
serendipity 039

High Heel Pump -- prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, beefsteak tomatoes, arugula, basil pesto, and balsamic glaze ($16).
serendipity 044

Margherita pizza ($14).
serendipity 035

Mac & cheese, essence of aromatic truffles, panko crust, pancetta bacon ($15).
serendipity 046

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate ($10). Small child not included.
serendipity 032
Sometimes we visit just for dessert. I highly recommend doing this.

Smores Hot Chocolate -- Serendipity hot chocolate, melted marshmallow, graham crackers, Hershey's Kisses ($7). CRAZY GOOD.

Deep-fried Oreos, cookies 'n' cream ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow sauce ($14).

Naughty & Nice Ice Cream Sundae -- hot apple pie, vanilla, dulce de leche ice cream, warm caramel, whipped cream ($12.50).

Complimentary ice cream sandwiches for VIPs.
Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace is a fun place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

These meals were comped.


  1. I'd like to have a frozen hot chocolate before I die.


  3. oh my word, I've only been for sweet treats, but that Thai salad looks great!

  4. i'd definitely go if it were free. have only been to the ny outpot for dessert (which i found overrated).

    debbie downer in all of my comments today

  5. how about you tell me the next time you're heading to vegas. then, i'll plan a trip myself. and then we'll meet up here for a FREE VIP meal :) deal?

  6. i didn't know there was a serendipity 3 in vegas! only ever been to the NYC one.

    mmmmm, frozen hot chocolate.


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