Sunday, January 15, 2012

Elevated All-Day Dining: Central Michel Richard

More often than not, we stay in the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace. During our last trip, I was thrilled to see Central Michel Richard at the bottom of the tower.
central michel richard 031central michel richard 030
central michel richard 029
central michel richard 003
A 24-hour restaurant associated with a James Beard Award winner was a welcome change from the old dated coffee shop.

Strawberry basil mojito -- rum, basil, strawberries, club soda, lime juice ($12).

Bacon and onion tart ($9). Absolutely glorious.

Cioppino ($27).

Filet mignon with haricot verts ($35).

Alaskan king crab ($59).

Tomahawk chop ($69).

Brussels sprouts with bacon ($7).

Macaroni and cheese ($7).

Smashed potatoes ($6). Creamed spinach ($7).

Matzo onion soup ($12).
central michel richard 004

Lobster burger ($33).
central michel richard 012
central michel richard 019

Crab burger ($25).
central michel richard 017
central michel richard 021

Snowman vacherin ($12). Almost too cute to eat!
central michel richard 024
central michel richard 027
We savored every last bit of Frosty's meringue exterior and vanilla bean ice cream interior.

This is not your usual all-day diner, and the prices reflect that. We enjoyed the food and convenience of Central Michel Richard enough to eat here twice, once with friends and once by ourselves. It's a lovely casual environment with strong classic American offerings.

These meals were comped.


  1. need crab burger.

    love restaurants that serve stuff in the staub dishes they were cooked in. reminds me of korean stone pot/plate stuff. mmm.

  2. I really enjoyed our stay at Caesar's and hope to be back there next time we go to Vegas in pool season. I'd like to check this place out. The perfectly proportioned burgers are pretty.

  3. lol you are a vegas post writing machine! You going to get around to Imperial Palace?

  4. oh mah gah, you had a lobster burger. AND a crab burger! i am drooling like nobody's business over here.

  5. WHAT?! Crab and lobster burgers, yes. I've gone to Vegas for YEARS (as you know, annual Christmas Vegas trips) and I never knew this places existed!


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