Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gas Station Pies

If you're a regular reader, you may recall that we had a wonderful weekend in New Orleans earlier this year. Part of that trip included a delicious meal at Herbsaint, where we had this delectable fried strawberry pie.
herbsaint 034
herbsaint 035
I loooooved it -- warm and golden and sweet! To quote myself, "[T]his bordered on being divine." My pal Doppelganger informed me, however, that my beloved dessert was nothing more than a hot gas station pie.

Gas station pie? I didn't know what that was.

Not long after our New Orleans visit, we got this package in the mail.
hubigs 001
hubigs 002
It was from Doppelganger!

Look at all the flavors!
hubigs 003
hubigs 005
I didn't know where to start!

My first gas station pie ever...
hubigs 008
hubigs 009
....didn't disappoint. Mmm. Particularly tasty when popped into the microwave for a few seconds before being stuffed in my face.

Align CenterThe box also included this shirt.
hubigs 004
Mr. Monkey has worn it a couple times already. Stylin'.

Were these as amazing as Herbsaint's dessert? Not quite. But they were still damn good, and we enjoyed every single one. We were sad when we finished the box.

Thank you so much, Doppelganger! You are the best!

If you'd like to get your own New Orleans gas station pies, head to Hubig's website.


  1. There is a certain state fair that heavily advertises their fried pies. The hubster loves them. This is soo going on his Christmas list!

  2. I don't think I noticed this when you first posted these, but they're basically a fruit-filled empanada. There are a a few dedicated empanada places in Chile that do dessert ones, although usually fruit fillings lose out to manjar (dolce de leche) and other super sweet creations.

  3. I don't know what a gas station pie is...but those look suspiciously like something found in your neighborhood supermarket:

  4. Mmm. Pie! I used to eat these when I was little. 4 for $1. I wonder how much they cost now? People either fall into the cake camp or the pie camp. I leave the cupcake followers to do their own thing. I'm a pie groupie all the way. Mmm. Pie!

  5. Yummers. I'm going to n Orleans next week so I gotta read ur posts! Yay

  6. gonna have to agree with "That Girl". I think you got conned! haha!

    Does this actually quality as pie tho? I was always confused by the status of these devils as a kids.

  7. Oh, SinoSoul, this just proves you didn't read the original entry:

    "I don't know what a gas station pie is, but I liken this dessert to an amazing homemade version of a Hostess Fruit Pie...only hot, fresh, and made with real natural ingredients instead of red dye #40."

    So, no, I didn't get taken!

  8. Hilarious!! We pick up Hubig's pies fairly regularly, esp. when we come across a flavor we don't see often. Lemon is my favorite. Granted, they're sold everywhere around here. My husband grew up in the New Orleans area, and they're the only "gas station" pies he'll eat.

  9. Argh! Caught with my pants down. Always did tell you I read the first and last sentence and scroll wheel thru the rest in 30 seconds. At least I'm honest!

  10. That T-shirt and your friend (of course) RULE!

  11. Weezermonkey, I'm only sad that they added a Ladies' T-shirt after I sent these to you. It says "Official Pie Girl" on the back and everything. I'm glad Mr. Monkey has gotten some use out of the Men's T-shirt.

    To Wandering Chopsticks, they are now $.99, but I also remember when they were 4 for a $1 and we ate them for breakfast (very nutritious).

  12. I've never had or seen any of these pies before with the exception of the show Good Eats with the hand pies.

    The Herbsaint pie looks better to me:). Probably because it is more brown compared to the the in the package!

  13. This would make a great gift to someone with a sweet tooth!

  14. That's hilarious that a t-shirt was included.

  15. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I like your blog as well! So may things about LA I have yet to explore! :-)

  16. The cherry and chocolate ones are calling my name. I also love the t-shirt. Your friend rocks.

  17. I grew up on those Hostess fruit pies. My grandparents would buy them by the bagful when they'd go on sale for 10/$1. :)


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