Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jar for the Course

I'd been wanting to try Jar for quite some time, and seeing Suzanne Tracht perform so well on Top Chef Masters only made me want to try it more.
jar 024
jar 022
jar 006
We took Papa Monkey there for brunch.

Complimentary pecan bread.
jar 012
Kind of amazing. More like cake than bread. What a way to start!

Oven-roasted turkey sandwich with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles, and Jar fries ($17).
jar 018
Simple, fresh, high-quality, and tasty, but was it worth $17? No. Papa Monkey seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Pot roast hash ($14).
jar 017
Not what we were expecting at all. It was chock-full of peppers and onions and yet...not that flavorful. Mr. Monkey actually doused it with Tabasco. Eek.

Lobster benedict, two poached eggs, char siu pork, pea tendrils, lobster bearnaise ($16).
jar 021
Best dish of the day -- mine, of course! Interesting combination of flavors and textures. I really liked this update to a classic.

While Papa Monkey's and Mr. Monkey's entrees disappointed me, the pecan bread and my lobster benedict proved that excellent stuff does come out of the kitchen.

Because of this, I can't write off
Jar completely just yet.


  1. nice photos! we met her at the taste of the nation and she seem really genuine and friendly..and her cooking style on TC masters was great so it's on our list..but you're right..some of the prices...maybe be a bit too high.

  2. That lobster benedict looks amazing!!

    Interesting decor. I like it. Retro.

  3. I know JAR's worth every penny. That's why it used to be on the monthly brunch rotation (Ammo, Jar, Campanile). Sticking to traditional items (various protein hash, benedict, steak), it is a killer bargain for a historically SOLID modern steak house, also helmed by a Thai chef.

    Sadly, Tracht's long beach closed down before I had to chance to try it. Still have a GC for it...

  4. Hmmm - I guess I would have expected more too. I've been waiting for this review almost as long as you've been waiting to try the place ;-)

  5. Did you steal my ordering mojo? I thought it was HC, but after looking at that benedict, I'm starting to have some suspicions about you!

  6. yum lobster... one of my friends swears the best steak she's ever had was at Jar. When I man up to eating some red meat, I will steak it up at Jar.

  7. Huh. I'm not really one to get appalled by food prices, but I am a little surprised by the turkey sandwich $17 price tag.

  8. A $17 sandwich?! Do you know how many banh mi could have been had for that price? I kid...

  9. That lobster benedict looks really good. I can't believe the other sandwich was $17. It's not like it had lobster or foie gras on it.

  10. looks like her food has more personality than she had on Top Chef Masters.

  11. The pecan bread is the image that is sticking with me.

  12. That lobster benedict looks a-may-zing.

  13. Thanks for the photos! I've heard so much hype about this place. Still on the fence about trying it out though!

  14. your meal looks amazing! there is no way I'd order a sandwich from a joint like that, it should be banned, especially for $17.

  15. The lobster benedict looks amazing. I wish I had some of that pecan bread right now. It looks like dessert, yum.

    I <3 Tabasco and would have done the same as Mr. Monkey. Hee!

  16. Looks like a cool place but those prices seem a little high, no? You'd probably HATE dining with me, I put tabasco or hot sauce on almost everything. H hates it.

  17. I've heard really mixed reviews about this place, which saddens me because I really liked Tracht on Top Chef Masters.

  18. ditto amber.

    to tem, i put hot sauce on a lot of things, too, but i know the food's really good when i don't have to. i think you need to up your food price expectations a bit to see if you can find food that is too good for hot sauce. ;)


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