Monday, October 19, 2009

Honey With My Honey

We went to San Francisco again for Evil Twin's wedding (yes, he knows I call him Evil Twin; he calls me Evil Twin, too). We started our day at Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery [sic].
san francisco 037
san francisco 017
The place is perpetually packed.

Order at the counter, and wait for service at your table.
san francisco 021
san francisco 024
We sat at one of the few sidewalk tables.

Chicken pesto crepe: swiss, tomato, garlic, pesto, fresh basil, chicken breast ($8.95).
san francisco 032
Not authentic but still effing delicious. The consistency of the crepe was quite lovely, and the cheese was ample. Yum yum yum.

Crabcake sandwich with mayo, lettuce, and tomato ($8.95).
san francisco 030
Sad to say, this was awful. I don't even think it was real crab. It was Krab. Gross.

Strawberry Nutella crepe ($5.95).
san francisco 033
Magical! This turned my frown upside down after the Krab debacle. Happy!

We pricelined Parc 55 for just $72 during one of the busiest weekends of the year.
san francisco 032
san francisco 001
san francisco 003
san francisco 004
But the hotel was overbooked! We never made it to an actual room.

They punted us over to the Hotel Nikko with a voucher.
san francisco 041
san francisco 042
san francisco 006
san francisco 007
san francisco 043
san francisco 013san francisco 014
san francisco 008
It wasn't the Parc 55, but it was nice enough. We enjoyed our one-night stay.

And here's the reason why the Parc 55 was overbooked -- Gay Pride Weekend!
san francisco 004
san francisco 007
san francisco 011
san francisco 009
san francisco 013
san francisco 012
san francisco 017
san francisco 030
san francisco 026
So fun!

Next: Evil Twin's wedding.


  1. We were supposed to stay at Parc 55 for Labor Day but switched when we found Le Meridien for a great rate. We met some people at the bar who had been told Parc was full as well when they were supposed to stay there and Labor Day wasn't a huge travel weekend to SF considering the great room rates I was seeing. It sounds like they really suck about the overbooking.

  2. I am actually impressed that the hotel gave you a voucher for another place because they were overbooked. I would think that with Priceline they'd kick you to the curb.

  3. I love the restaurant's name, Honey Honey, so cute! The food and prices look great.

    Now I have the ABBA song in my head....

  4. Chicken pesto crepes are my fave when it comes to savory... and nutella in a sweet crepe? To die for!

  5. Maybe it's best to stick to crepes at the Crepery? There's a time and a place from Krab, between two slices of bread is not one of theme ;-)

  6. I've never used Priceline. You've made me a believer. And I want that nutella crepe now.

  7. I like the "God loves everyone" poster.

  8. I'll be in SF this weekend. You just helped me find a new place to try for lunch! I love crepes. Thanks! :)

  9. I'm surprised at the cheap prices for that eatery. Even I draw the line at krab, btw. Well, kinda. Hotel looks nice, even if it's no Parc 55. Gotta enjoy the GPP! I went to one and it was so much fun!

  10. The Nikko still looked pretty nice. I'm glad if you had to be punted somewhere, it wasn't a dive.

  11. i stopped by honey honey the last time i was in sf (end of oct) and the food was very yummy :) you picked a fun weekend to visit sf.


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