Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flay Day

After going to bed at 3 a.m., I woke up rather late. Mr. Monkey, on the other hand, always rises early, regardless of when he goes to sleep. Before I woke up, he had already been to a few casinos and placed a number of bets at various sports books.

We headed to Caesars Palace for brunch at Mesa Grill.
vegas 096
vegas 091
vegas 089
vegas 073
Mr. Monkey ordered the carrot-mango juice ($5). I had a sip. Blech.
vegas 072
The bread basket was scrumptious. I nibbled on a tiny bit of each kind.
vegas 074
We shared a gala apple salad with baby spinach, Maytag bleu cheese, toasted pecans, and spicy vinaigrette ($12). Delightful and refreshing.
vegas 077
The ranch style eggs tostada with a crispy flour tortilla, ancho chile-tomato sauce, and white cheddar cheese with home fries ($16) had a nice kick. The eggs were perfect -- soft and delicate but done.
vegas 083
vegas 084
The Mesa burger with double cheddar cheese, grilled Vidalia onion, and horseradish mustard on a house roll accompanied by southwestern fries ($16) was juicy and char-licious. The fries were just shy of incredible.
vegas 079
vegas 086
Post-lunch, we headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets, where we spent a few hours buying much needed basics (e.g., yet another suit from Brooks Brothers and a boatload of socks for Mr. Monkey) and some fun treats (e.g., three pairs of shoes from Cole Haan for me). Shopped 'til we dropped? Pretty much, yes. We actually brought a big empty suitcase for just this.

Then it was time to eat again. That's another post.


  1. yay glad you enjoyed mesa grill, too. fries need a tad less seasoning to be perfect, non?

    shopping! shopping!

  2. I foresee myself dreaming of burgers and fries tonight.

    I need to see the shoes!

  3. Cole Haan = most comfy shoes ever, and the handbags aren't so bad either!

    My husband rocks nike air cole haans every.single.day.

    I enjoyed Mesa Grill at CP too!

  4. I have a problem shopping for clothes/shoes on vacation as we have no sales tax on clothing purchases here in MN. This is probably a good thing.

    Mesa Grill looks like a good place to eat!

  5. at first I thought this was the vegas post I had just read last night, but then I realized you had two ridiculously yummy meals back to back.

    which actually.. is usually the case with you

  6. I want that burger and those fries.


  7. shopping and eating that's all we do in vegas too. but not for socks. ugh boyzzzzzzzzz

  8. i am drooling over the food pics this morning. i need a juicy burger, stat!!

  9. you can SEE my face at mr. monkey's choice of beverage. i know you can.

  10. will you please post pics of your new shoes?

  11. what shoes did you get?

    I can't believe that was brunch. I need a burger and fries now.

  12. Me and Sweetcakes saw Bobby Flay when we were in New York the other week. Now I feel like we're BFFs.

  13. I want to go just for the bread basket.

  14. Sometimes I just love me a good burger and fries. That bun looked...stealth!

  15. Ewwww, carrots. :) The rest of the food looks deeelish.

  16. How can I get to be you for a day? Shopping to fill and empty suitcase topped off with more awesome food. You are blessed m'dear. ;)

  17. i am obsessed with mesa grill for brunch. love your food photos!

  18. i def. want to hit up the outlets! we've missed it the last few times we've been to vegas. sadness.

  19. It seems that you had a great day.!! SOOO yummy. I am excited to see your those three pairs of Cole Haan shoes.

  20. Very nice! Looks like a good family spot too! I'm going to look at a few more places for our fam to eat at when we're there in December, otherwise we'll go here. Thanks!


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