Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brunching with BroMo: Cooks County

Cooks County serves a simple but impressive brunch in a very pleasant atmosphere.  The restaurant is airy yet cozy -- not an easy feel to accomplish.
cooks county 016cooks county 002edit
cooks county 015edit
The menu is short, and this is a good thing.  More often than not, an abbreviated menu ensures that every single thing put out by the kitchen will be the best it can be.

And it was.

Brother Monkey and I shared three dishes, and we felt comfortably satisfied at the end of our meal.  If you are big eater or if you love variety, you may consider ordering one extra dish for your party.

Fried eggs, chick peas, yogurt, harissa, and grilled olive bread ($12).
cooks county 005edit
Good Mediterranean morning to you!  Really interesting and unexpected flavors.  This ain't your usual brunch dish.

Braised grass-fed beef hash, sunny-side up egg, sweet onions, and roasted potatoes ($13).
cooks county 007edit
A happy, hearty offering that will satisfy meaty appetites.

Poached duck eggs, fresh shell beans, braised greens, roasted tomato, and bacon ($13).
cooks county 014edit
I really enjoyed this dish.  It was a fantastic way to eat my vegetables in the morning.  It should be noted that all the bread accompanying these plates was most excellent.  I think that great bread means you're at a great restaurant.  Total thumbs up to brunch at Cooks County.

After brunch, I drove BroMo back to his house.  His surgery went well, but now he is scooting around on this contraption.  Sexy, right?
cooks county 017edit
cooks county 030edit
Don't worry about him, though.  BroMo still has his sexy bar downstairs.  He just has to hop very carefully on one foot to get to it.


  1. Love Cook's County! Their pastry basket is serious business. I know this because I inhaled most of it the last time I was there while everyone else in my brunch partaaay looked on in aghast horror.

    1. Clearly you are eating with the wrong people! LOL!

  2. I love beef hash. And you and my husband share the same theory about restaurants and bread.

  3. That contraption is high-larry-us! What happened to Bro-Mo?

    1. Total freak accident. He was playing basketball and then a RACQUETBALL (WHUT?) came whizzing by out of nowhere and hit him at full speed RIGHT on his Achilles.

      WTF, right?

  4. need to try cooks county. that beef hash is my kind of breakfast.

    so jealous of bromo's pad. srsly.

    1. Cooks County was so perfect for brunch.

      I'm with you re my own brother's place. LOL.

  5. I will have dreams about that beef hash. I have a "meaty appetite!"

    Poor Bro Mo. I hope he will be back on his feet soon and won't need his medical motorcycle (lol) much longer.


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