Monday, July 2, 2012

Pig Out on Small Plates: Black Hogg

Before I start talking about my favorite subject, I need to take a moment to say OHMYGODTHANKYOUEVERYBODY.  One word.  All caps.

It means so much to me to hear from you, and nothing motivates me more than that!  Also, I wanted to let you know that I am going to do my best to respond to your comments to make this a more interactive experience for all involved.  You can see that I've already started doing this with my previous two posts.  It warms my heart to talk with each of you!

Now, on to the food!  (Today's subject is food.  Tomorrow is...not food!  Wow!)

lovejane recently asked me to recommend a place that is similar to Animal.  That is a tall order.  Animal is just so good, and nothing in my mind compares to it, at least in Los Angeles.

Because of the recent California foie gras ban, Animal has been packed with people paying their last respects to the foie gras loco moco and the foie gras biscuit with maple sausage gravy (my personal favorite).

A moment of silence please for these departed dishes.

(It's ok if you shed a tear when you fondly remembered the foie gras just now.  insomniac probably did, so you're in good company.)

lovejane didn't want to wait three hours for a seat at the Animal.  Could I help her?

Indeed, I could!

Eleana (yes, the now semi-famous Eleana) and I enjoyed quite the lovely meal at Black Hogg about a month ago.
black hogg 001edit
Like Animal, Black Hogg serves small plates in a comfortable, casual setting.  Eleana and I did the best we could with just the two of us, but I think a place like this is ideally enjoyed with at least a party of four.  You can order so much more!  Variety is the spice of life!

Our experience was excellent from start to finish.  Everybody who works at Black Hogg seems genuinely happy to be there, which, in turn, makes you happy to be there, too!  Stuff like this matters!

I had a Bundaberg Ginger Beer ($4).
black hogg 004edit
If I see this, I'll get it nine times out of 10.  The bite is just irresistible.

Eleana clamored for this uni toast with scallion vinaigrette ($7).
black hogg 005edit
Very fresh and pleasant, but seven bucks was a tad steep for just a few bites.

Popcorn bacon with maple crema ($7).
black hogg 008edit
OMG.  No, really.  OMG OMG OMG.  These were like chicken nuggets but with bacon instead of chicken inside.  Bacon nuggets!  What?!  And the crema?  Sweet and dreamy with a slight tart note.  Wow.  This worked.  Big time.

Pork belly tacos, Fuji apple slaw, jalapeño relish ($9).
black hogg 011edit
Beware!  The jalapeño relish is seemingly sweet and mild at first, but then it hits your taste buds with a delayed vengeance!  And that's a good thing!  What a delightful mix of rich, fatty pork with crisp, sweet, tart apples and a secretly spicy pickled topping!

Buttery lamb burger, Onetik Bleu, fries ($17).
black hogg 014edit
black hogg 016edit
This is no burger for the weak.  It's big.  It's lamb-y.  It's bleu-y.  It's strong.  Go, bold flavors!

Tres leches and rhubarb bread pudding, fresh cream, hazelnut ($8).
black hogg 020edit
This dessert made its debut the night that we visited, so our host was very interested in hearing our thoughts.  Eleana was pretty enamored with it and gave him a lot of positive feedback.  I liked it, but, while being questioned at the table, I couldn't articulate exactly why I didn't love it.  Now, in hindsight, I think it should've been a tad sweeter.  The rhubarb was pretty acidic.  A final drizzle of caramel on top probably would've sealed the deal for me.

Black Hogg delivered a very tasty, solid meal.  It's a fun place.  I'd like to return with more friends.  Maybe we could finish the menu.  Are you out there, friends?  Are you reading this?  I'm looking at you.  Yeah, you.  And you, too.  At the very least, the longaniza sausage hash with fried egg needs to get in my belly in the future.  You should join me for that.


  1. Popcorn bacon . . . GET IN MAH BELLY!!! Good Lord, my mouth watered when I saw the pic and my tummy rumbled just a bit.

  2. I just drooled all over myself. You had me at bacon

  3. Hi WeezerMonkey! ::waves:: So happy to know your still food blogging! Your pictures make it really hard for those of us trying to use portion control and eat low-carb:)

  4. Your pictures are so pretty. The rhubarb did need a bit of sweetness ... I'm so bad at telling people's flaws to their faces cause that so backfired on me recently. That's another story though. I liked that it wasn't as sweet and heavy as desserts usually are.

    Semi-famous? Me? I'll have a homemade $ex tape and a public meltdown soon ...

    1. It was a good dessert! I just think it could've been even better!

  5. This place looks amazing and makes me so sad I'm moving to an even less exciting city. Blah.

    Beautiful photos.

    1. What?! Where are you moving? You were one of two reasons I'd visit, and my other reason (Moe) isn't even there yet!

  6. I looove me some bleu cheese! Looks great!

  7. I'd be up for a venture out to Black Hogg...I really would love to do a last dinner with some of the awesome So.Cal people before I leave! That cheese melting out of the burger looks delish!

    1. When are you moving, Jen? One last hurrah!

    2. I'll be leaving mid-August...I'm only working through July though, so my schedule will at least be pretty open!

  8. Really enjoyed reading about this! We have a cool burger/sushi fusion place here in Charlotte, and my hub had a lamb burger that he claimed was the best burger he ever ate. It had a piece of fried feta (that looked like a fried fish filet, it was so big) on top that looked amazing. I bet he would have loved this one too!

  9. Confession. I've never had a ginger beer before!!! Ginger beer... popcorn bacon... things that definitely need to happen in my mouth this summer.

  10. Ok. I should go. But I rarely do dinner in the area.

  11. you're right about the spicy tacos. It sneaks up on you! My friend was coughing for five minutes!

  12. Popcorn bacon and bleu cheese burger? They both look amazing. And, jalapaneo relish?

    I looked at the photos again just to torture myself. I want to cry! lol


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