Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go, Go, Go, Go, Ichiro!

If you're a longtime reader, you already know about my baseball boyfriend, Ichiro Suzuki.

I watched him play the Red Sox at Fenway.
boston 206

I watched him win the World Baseball Classic with Team Japan.
world baseball classic 073

I watched him beat the Yankees.
yankees 029

nyc 168
I even have his all-star t-shirt and wore it in a sea of Yankee fans.

And now he's going to be a Yankee, and I'm going to see him again when we go to New York City in September!

My brother sent me the best link tonight.  The e-mail just said, "Two things you like."

Behold my new favorite song!  "Ichiro's Theme" by Ben Gibbard!  Yes, Ben!  Death Cab for Cutie!  The Postal Service!  I'm obsessed with Ben, too!

Like?  LOVE!


  1. That song is too cute. I love Ben too,but I am too girlie to love any athletes.

  2. lol at "baseball boyfriend!" ;)

  3. hooray! too bad he's a yankee now, though. ugh.

  4. I am so excited! I have never been a first commenter before. I've thought I was, only to have my heart shattered in the morning as you got around to accepting all the other posts that came before me. I need to have a commemorative paper weight made for my office so that I never forget this moment.


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