Monday, July 23, 2012

Rustic Hideaway in WeHo: Eveleigh

Did you know that you can have a wonderful meal on Sunset Boulevard and feel like you're dining in a secluded hillside cabin?  I didn't until we visited Eveleigh.  It was love at first sight and bite.
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We came here twice last month, once with the Oros and another time with the Cruisers.  Both meals were excellent.  Pictured above are the grilled Monterey squid ($12), crushed peas and burrata ($12), roasted cauliflower ($12), and the chocolate chip cookie sandwich with mint chocolate chip ice cream ($8).

Is your mouth watering yet?  Even with those tragically dark photos?  Believe it or not, the other pictures that night were worse.  Be glad I spared you from more unjust representations of Eveleigh's fabulous food!

Fear not, though!  Here are the dishes from our earlier and better lit dinner.

Housemade ginger beer with housemade candied ginger
eveleigh 006edit
Incredible.  Get this.  The bite!  It hits you back in your throat like WHAM!

Baby Brussels sprouts, in-house bacon, soft hen egg ($12).
eveleigh 008edit
Is that a thing of beauty or what?  As delectable as it was pretty.

Black Tuscan kale, coriander, yogurt-tahini, fried onions ($12).
eveleigh 010edit
Eveleigh does its veggies right.  This was no exception.

Barcelona bun -- brioche, chorizo, Manchego ($6).
eveleigh 011edit
A nice little snack.  Maybe ideal to give to a kid.  The real small plates are worthier of your stomach space, though.

Grilled octopus, crushed fingerlings, arugula, harissa crème fraîche ($14).
eveleigh 015edit
Yummeh!  Nothing's better than smoky charred tentacles with spicy, creamy sauce!

Pot-roasted mussels, chorizo, lemon, chili, parsley, aioli ($12).
eveleigh 019edit
We made our own moules frites!  See next photo!

French fries, truffled aioli ($8).
eveleigh 014edit
That aioli was some serious business.  Very very garlicky!  Yeah!

Sonoma lamb meatballs, crunchy breadcrumb salsa, lamb chopper gouda ($16).
eveleigh 018edit
Who doesn't love meatballs?  Tasty and not at all overly lamb-y.

Confit duck leg, buttered beluga lentils, sour savoy cabbage ($18).
eveleigh 021edit
My favorite dish during both of our visits.  Crunchy, tender, salty, juicy.  Love.

Large press coffee ($10).
eveleigh 027edit
Enough for a happy table of four!

Warm doughnuts, spiced sugar, citrus curd, whipped cream ($10).
eveleigh 030edit
Piping hot and fresh!  And the citrus curd?  Tart heaven!

Pavlova, California berries, dried lime and rose syrup, cream ($9).
eveleigh 032edit
A light airy cloud of lip-smacking loveliness.

Dessert of the day -- S'mores pot de crème.
eveleigh 034edit
Simultaneously avant-garde and familiar.  Neat twist on an old favorite.

Eveleigh is a delight.  It's a great place for groups to eat, drink, and eat some more.


  1. That place is gorgeous, and that food looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gloria! I can't wait to return to Eveleigh!

  2. Replies
    1. I really enjoyed my meals there. Great new addition to our city.

  3. Everything looks amazing. I love that space.

    1. You must go! You and Diana! So many vegetables for her to eat! LOL.

  4. need. ginger. drink. and everything else.

    1. The ginger beer may be my fave in L.A. at this moment.

  5. Wow. Everything looks so good.

    No alien movie vegetables here! lol. =P


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