Monday, July 9, 2012

Yes, Chef Dinner at Son of a Gun

We interrupt this Arizona weekend recap to bring you breaking news of an exciting dinner we just finished.  Chef Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster cooked at Son of a Gun tonight.  He is touring right now to promote his new book Yes, Chef: A Memoir.

Because this is breaking news, I present to you some beautiful...iPhone photos!
marcus 635
We're going old-skool with camera pics tonight!

Yes, Chef Cocktail -- vodka, mint, lemon, pineapple, berbere ($12)
marcus 636

Tonight's meal was served family-style and cost $85 per person.

Helga's pea soup, mint, ginger.
marcus 638

Fried Misty Point oysters, Addis remoulade.
marcus 637

Gravlax, mustard, pickled fennel.
marcus 639
marcus 646
marcus 647

Tokyo salad, mizuna, yuzu-shishito vinaigrette.
marcus 640

Fried Yard Bird, collard greens, rooster sauce, pickles.  AWESOME!
marcus 641

Sweet corn salad.
marcus 642

Sweet potato doughnuts, fennel ice cream.
marcus 643

Harlem chocolate truffles.
marcus 644

Chef Marcus Samuelsson's autographed book came with the meal.
marcus 645

Happy fans.  Chefarazzi, cha cha cha!
Huge thank you to my brother for getting us this reservation.  So sad that he couldn't come because he had surgery on his Achilles tendon today.  (Don't worry; the surgery went well!)  Thank you to the Oros for joining us!


  1. I hope your brother has a speedy recovery!

  2. So... are you going to read his book? :)

    1. Well, I own it now. I should probably read it. LOL.

  3. wow! even with iphone photos your blog makes me drool!

  4. Most of your iPhone photos look better than my regular camera photos.

    Sads! LOL.

  5. i don't know who this is, but i sure do love me some son of a gun.

    and as always, your iPhone pics kick all my pics' asses.

  6. That sweet corn salad and sweet potato doughnuts have me drooling. yum!

    Hope your brother has a speedy recovery!


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