Sunday, April 5, 2009

Almost-Free Date

Mr. Monkey scored a free hotel room Friday night.
free hotel 001
free hotel 003
free hotel 008
free hotel 009
free hotel 010
I'm sworn to secrecy with regard to how Mr. Monkey got this free room. Mr. Monkey specifically said, "Don't blog this! Don't tell anybody about this deal!" The only person I was allowed to tell was Wan, whose hubby was turning 30 this past week. Lucky Wan!

We kept things low-key with Johnny Rockets for dinner.
free hotel 012
free hotel 016
free hotel 020
free hotel 021
free hotel 018
free hotel 019
Total cost of our night?
free hotel 017
free hotel 022
Less than $20.


  1. :::channeling facebook:::

    I "like" this!

  2. I'm so spoiled when it comes to hotels. I've only stayed on the preferred floors of Starwood hotels.

  3. That's a pretty fancy free date. Now I want cheese fries. bad.

  4. nice! free-ish! haven't been to johnny rocket's in awhile despite the fact that it's the best burger in rhode island.

  5. Is Wan sworn to secrecy too? What a steal!!!

  6. Of course she is. It's not in her best interest to divulge.

  7. I want in on this secret, dammit! will mr. monkey share since I don't even live in the same state? it's not like we'll be competing for the same hotels. ;)

  8. How'd you manage a free hotel room and free hamburger? Sounds like The Monkeys have the hook up.

  9. Love love love the shot of Mr. Monkey in the juke box! Super cool!

  10. Good eye, HaveShoesWillTravel! Mr. Monkey has a card that entitles him to a free burger every three burgers he buys at Johnny Rockets. He just happened to be due for a freebie when we ate that night.

  11. i'm digging the cameo of mr. monkey in the jukebox.

  12. agreed with Kim, i wish blogs had an 'i like this' btn!

    Sweet date night. The only date night i've had for under $20 involved blockbuster and taco bell. hahahaha

  13. Too cool Weemo. Yey for a free ish date night!

  14. i love when mr. mo kills someone and gets a free room ;)

  15. I had a VERY similar date with Lil Man. ;) Good times!


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