Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Li'l Lilcee

A few of us got together at the club to shower Lilcee with pre-baby love.
lilcee shower 026lilcee shower 027
lilcee shower 029lilcee shower 030
venn made these adorable arrangements.
lilcee shower 002
lilcee shower 004
I like breakfast at the club.
lilcee shower 006
lilcee shower 005
Who says you can't have dessert after breakfast?
lilcee shower 020
lilcee shower 021
lilcee shower 023
lilcee shower 024
When you share, you can try more yet eat less.
lilcee shower 025
Remember this dual baby shower last year? Well, here are the honorees now.
lilcee shower 022
lilcee shower 012 sepia cross
lilcee shower 013 sepia cross
lilcee shower 015lilcee shower 018
lilcee shower 019lilcee shower 017
lilcee shower 032
Congratulations, Lilcee! We can't wait to meet Li'l Lilcee!


  1. Yay! I've been looking forward to this post. The babies are adorable. Cee is adorable. Everyone else looks fab too.

  2. You guys look like ladies who lunch. What an elegant looking shower.

  3. your extended family is growing like crazy!

  4. what a cute and fun baby shower! congrats to the mommy to be!

  5. Such a lovely day. Such a lovely mama to be.

    Too bad you didn't get a shot of the lady in head to toe gold pleather and zebra. What a hot mess.

  6. Cee looks so CUTE! The babies look so friggin adorable! Everything, flowers and food and the girls, looked wonderful. Glad to know you all had a great time.

  7. It was so great to hang with all you fabulous ladies! Can't wait for little cee.

  8. god those babies are beautiful!!! no wonder lilcee dropped off the face of my blog: she's preggers. much more important than shoes.

  9. The baby showers you go to are so different from the ones I go to!

  10. oh, how i love SFAM baby showers.

  11. Ah, congratulations, Lilcee and the Li'l Lilcee!

  12. you guys are soo cute, another baby to add to the SFAM, so umm when are you planning a non-sfam get together for the rest so we don't feel left out =)

  13. Looking at these pictures makes me smile. I think baby Em was smirking at you in that last series of photos. Love it all!


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