Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Freebie Day

We tried Rock'N Fish at L.A. Live on Saturday with Mr. Monkey's family.
rocknfish 090
Ugh. What a stupid name.

It's a local chain with a typical chain feel.
rocknfish 010
rocknfish 009
rocknfish 018
rocknfish 019
rocknfish 011
With crayons and fries, it was the perfect destination for Little Monkey Niece.
lmn fry action
The dungeness crabmeat cocktail ($14.95) came with aioli and cocktail sauce.
rocknfish 020
Fresh, meaty, and zero work. Thumbs up.

The San Francisco garlic cheese toast ($7.95) was a crowd-pleaser.
rocknfish 023
Mr. Monkey's father went to town on a large bowl of clam chowder ($7.95).
rocknfish 025
And then he devoured these Manila clam steamers ($14.95) in wine broth with Andouille sausage, fire-roasted corn, red pepper, onion, and garlic.
rocknfish 035
Little Monkey Niece liked her spaghetti.
rocknfish 026
Mr. Monkey ordered the oak grilled shrimp and garlic brochettes ($14.95) with sauteed spinach and fries. He enjoyed the whole garlic cloves.
rocknfish 031
I got the crab cakes ($14.95) with spicy mac 'n' cheese and sweet potato fries.
rocknfish 041
Good enough. It's hard to be unhappy with these components.

Little Monkey Niece's parents shared a warm chocolate lava cake ($7.95).
rocknfish 084
Mr. Monkey and I dug into the sticky toffee pudding ($7.95).
rocknfish 088
Best thing of the day in my opinion.

Little Monkey Niece is constantly moving.
lmn fidgets
lmn moves fast
lmn kiss
It's hard to get a good photo of her. She's almost always a blur.

She and her parents gave me this.
lmn birthday card 001
lmn birthday card 002
lmn birthday card 003
lmn birthday card 004

After a free lunch (and free shoes), we checked into another free hotel room.
free hotel 001
rocknfish 112
The sunset from our window was pretty cool.
free hotel 002
free hotel 004
free hotel 005
We love free stuff.


  1. You're going to be living in a hotel soon! So jealous.

  2. Crab cakes, spicy mac n cheese and french fries sounds like a birthday meal I would choose!

  3. I love that she signed the card xoxo! How very Gossip Girl of her :-)
    I am very jealousE of your free hotels!

  4. That first post of food with the shrimp reminded me of Beetlejuice. It looked like the shrimp that went apeshit on Catherine O'Hara.

  5. My dad eats at the MB Rn'F every Friday after he plays golf. He loves the grilled artichoke and the grilled portabello. I like their turkey club sandwich and wedge salad, but I swear every time I go in the prices are higher! I'm impressed by LMN's handwriting, very nice!

  6. 3 reasons I *love* this post:
    1. Animated GIFs are LEGIT.
    2. You made a chain restaurant look not so sucky.
    3. I feel special because I know about the free room hookup, (or at least I think I do), as I too hooked up a free room in Vancouver at The Westin.

  7. Actually, I take back #3, different promo...

  8. you should have a btn on the said that says 'download your free LMN gif!' lol such a cutie!!

    yayyy i love free weekends too. where can i find one of those? :)

  9. hey, you gave the actual hotel away this time.

    and, you KNOW i need to know how you made those pictures move. i've been known to take pics of the bean in action in quick succession so that they look like a video when i flip through 'em.

  10. free stuff is always a good thing. and your meal looks the best to me, i'm a sucker for crab cakes and mac and cheese :)

  11. Now I'm actually bummed I didn't try Rock n' Fish when I was out there.

    LMN is too adorable!

  12. whatevs. you wish you made up "rock 'n fish"!

  13. That place definitely looks like it caters to all the LMNs of the world.

  14. so sad we couldn't take advantage of the bonaventure thing. :(.

    cute card. happy belated birthday!

  15. Yay for free stuff! LMN is still a cutie pie. :)

  16. For a chain, the food looks good to me! And I still don't get how you two manage to get the best deals. Jealous! LMN seems like a sweet little girl, I don't know why but that card kinda made me cry a little.

  17. oh great, now I'm hungry.

    thanks for sharing, :)


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