Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oodles of Noodles


It's always challenging to eat with both my father-in-law and my niece.

The former likes only Asian food and basic steak and seafood. The latter is too rambunctious for fine dining.

Throw in my own Mama Monkey who is often directionally challenged, and we're tasked with finding a place that can suit everybody's tastes, behavior, and navigational skills.
bamboodles 066
bamboodles 001
There has been quite the buzz in the L.A. food blogosphere the past few months about Bamboodles, a small noodle house in a San Gabriel strip mall at the corner of Valley and New.
bamboodles 003bamboodles 045
The allure of Bamboodles lies in its fresh noodles kneaded by a huge bamboo stick and hand-pulled with care.
bamboodles 006
bamboodles 028
bamboodles 027
It's really quite the show. I wish I'd taken video.

The combos here are deal-icious.
bamboodles 010
Mama Monkey got Combo B with celery peanuts, green tea slice[d] pork noodles, and a lemon tea -- all for just $6.95!
bamboodles 033
bamboodles 029
bamboodles 026
The green tea pork noodles were rather reminiscent of Japanese ramen. The pork was so lovely. The noodles were incredibly bouncy, elastic, and great.

My bonkers father-in-law inexplicably ordered enough food for a small city.
bamboodles 024
We still don't know why he did this, but we don't question the actions of the person paying the bill. There was so much food that I only photographed what was close to me.

Bean sprouts and dried bean curd. I couldn't find the bean curd. Meh.
bamboodles 020
House special dumplings ($5.95). Slippery, chewy, thick, handmade skin -- nice. Good enough but nothing terribly special.
bamboodles 030
Pan-fried dumplings ($6.50). Take the above and fry them. Better.
bamboodles 041
Wonton noodles ($6.95).
bamboodles 021
Cold spinach noodles with chicken ($9.45).
bamboodles 042
If you buy one item at the regular price, you can get the noodles of the day for $1. No joke! A bowl of noodles for $1!
bamboodles 009
Of course, my father-in-law got this, too. He mixed and ate it before I could snap.
bamboodles 023
Mr. Monkey and I couldn't resist getting some sweet drinks -- lemon honey and coffee milk tea. My lemon honey proved too sweet for me, but, really, what did I expect from a drink with "honey" in its name?
bamboodles 018bamboodles 019
Mr. Monkey enjoyed his spicy beef stew spinach noodles ($7.45).
bamboodles 037
bamboodles 035
I found the broth to be on the oily side and the meat not as tender as it should've been, but the noodles were very good.

I got the wonton spinach noodles ($6.45).
bamboodles 032
You can substitute spinach noodles in any dish for $0.50 extra, and we were glad we did. They had more oomph than the regular noodles. Thumbs up for the spinach noodles, but my wontons and their broth were a bit anemic. I wouldn't go as far as to say they were bland, but they certainly could've been more flavorful.

In any event, chili oil solves everything, so I wasn't too bummed.

Portions are generous.
bamboodles 044
I still had this much left when I stopped eating.

Would I go back to Bamboodles? Yes. On my own dime, however, I would get only noodle dishes, preferably in combo form, plus the $1 noodles.

Lunch was not over. I was full, but Little Monkey Niece was clamoring for frozen yogurt, so we went next door to Peach House.
bamboodles 046
The goods.
bamboodles 049bamboodles 050
The niece.
bamboodles 048bamboodles 052
bamboodles 061bamboodles 058
The end.


  1. mmm noodles. i love noodles of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

    still looking for some good wonton mein a la the old garden cafe...

  2. I remember an Amazing Race task that involved making noodles with the bamboo pole!

    In reply to your note--I am going to look into those glutinous rice dumplings... I think I had something similar at our hotel in Hong Kong last year.

  3. What is "fishball?" (it's on the receipt)

    Mmmmm noodles. Now I want lo mein. At 7:30am :)

  4. Fishballs are like meatballs but made of fish paste. Have you ever had shrimp balls? Or shrimp paste on sugar cane? Similar consistency.

  5. yum i heard of this place but only for the $1 noodle. didn't know they hand made their noodles. that changes everything! =D

  6. Yummmm. I've been craving for (good) Asian food lately.

  7. WeezerMonkey, I went here after reading j. gold's review. I didn't know what to think of it walking out... only that the $1 noodles is good for anyone that happens to work in the area. i'd take that over 4 cup o' noodles. They have too many things going on there – various types of noodles, different regional variations of chinese food... messy overall. i did hear a lot about the quality of the wonton skins though.

  8. i want all of it to nibble on. esp the baby monkey.

  9. Sure looks a lot better than the Top Ramen I'm used to. I love the dose of LMN. *Squeeze cheeks* (hers, not mine)

  10. I want to move to LA just so I can eat with you once in a while.

  11. I love posts with pictures of monkey niece ... she's so cute! (The spinach noodles look yummy too)!

  12. MMM I love noodles. That bamboo pole sounds neat!

  13. Anyone who orders both steamed and fried dumplings is A-OK with me.

  14. This reminds me of the hole in the wall dollar noodle place we used to go to in high school. I wish that place were still there!

  15. i'd try this place just to see how they make the noodles, and you can't beat the good deal. your little monkey niece is adorable!

  16. I took video. I just gotta get around to blogging about it...

    It was nice meeting you tonight!

  17. It all looks tasty.

    I love the expression on LMN's face at the yogurt shop! Precious.

  18. Looks so good! I will have to try this place next time I visit my g-parents!

  19. Let's start eating there for $1 every day!

  20. One stormy night Mr. Cee and I were going to try there. We pulled up, saw the 'C' sign and one table dining in and quickly drove across the street to 101 Noodle Express.

    I've been wanting to try this place for ages. Maybe the 'C' ain't so bad?

  21. Great meeting you last night!

    Anyhow, great sum up and photos of Bamboodles -- another one that's been on my list to try!

  22. Lilcee, it was an "A" when we went. Maybe you saw the rating for the neighboring MVP (or is it MPV?) restaurant. That place had a "C" -- I was so grossed out that I took a photo of it.

    H.C., so cool to meet you last night! :)

  23. I've been meaning to try this place for awhile (esp since Bamboodles is close). Great sets of pictures and write up!

    BTW, great meeting you this week in the various events!

  24. What happened to the left overs? ;)

  25. i think i'm too rambunctious for fine dining too..

  26. nobody else makes me want to lick the screen like your food pics. as always, amazing!!!! i have been on a succesful "food reform" as i like to call it where refined carbs (i.e. ramen noodles) are banned and as a result ive dropped 18lbs:))) in any event, doesn't hurt to view some harmless food porn once in a while...

    quick question, did you ever purchase the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens for your D80??? I'm looking for one that is compatible with my D60 and no such luck. I know the 50mm 1.4 is compatible but I can't justify forking over the $500 or so for it. any info you can provide is most appreciated:)


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