Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shintroduction to Korean BBQ


Two weekends ago (yes, I am that behind), we had a great time at Shin with our friends The Cruisers. Hooray for pals who like to eat!
shin 003
Located in Hollywood and known by some as "Korean barbecue for white people," Shin dishes out surprisingly tasty offerings with a lot less smoke than you'd soak up at your typical K-town joint. I didn't have to wear my famous Meat Hoodie that I always wear to my usual BBQ haunts.
shin 008
shin 006
shin 005
Despite being skeptical at first about whether Korean food for white people would satisfy us, we quite enjoyed ourselves. It's certainly not the best Korean barbecue in Los Angeles, but you'll have a good time and won't stink afterward.
shin 027
shin 026
I dug the vibe of the place, especially the music -- Bloc Party, The Postal Service, Black Kids, Vampire Weekend. Good stuff.

When all-you-can-eat is an option, you know we take it.
shin 010
The panchan was limited but decent.
shin 011
shin 012
I got a drink called a Korean Kiss -- cranberry with soju. Fruity and weak like me.
shin 013
shin 015
Thick-sliced pork belly. Fine.
shin 017
shin 021
Thin-sliced brisket point. Also fine.
shin 019
Marinated Spencer steak (bulgogi) and Shin's famous ribs (kalbi).
shin 020
These were the best. We had many plates.
shin 022
Spicy pork. Good enough.
shin 024
BBQ chicken. An unexpectedly flavorful, well-marinated crowd-pleaser. The Monkeys often scoff at chicken in restaurants, but you should go ahead and get a plate of this.
shin 025
Shin may not blow you away with its food, but it's worth visiting if you're in the area and the ideal starter place for your Korean barbecue newbie friends. Take them here and ease them in before you stink 'em up later with the real deal.

Yes, my thumbs up are more for excellent ventilation than for the actual cuisine. It's something to consider if you're going somewhere post-dinner.


  1. there are just way too many things wrong with this place. but i'm biased. some of my school friends might like it, though. sigh.

    good music, though. dangit.

  2. and now at 8 a.m. I want bulgogi....

  3. Korean BBQ that doesn't stink up your clothes is almost blasphemous, lol. But I agree, some Korean BBQ newbies need to be eased into it.

    Cool music choices though. Surprisingly my old ass has actually heard of Black Kids and Vampire Weekend...

  4. Is it Korean food for white people because they let white people cook their own meat? Or is that still a no-go?

  5. Admittedly good ventilation sounds really attractive to this Asian girl, even if the food isn't as good.

  6. I love that you have a Meat Hoodie. You must post a picture of it.

  7. Off topic, I was at the Apple Store today, saw Paul Frank iphone cases, and thought of you. I assume you have one.

  8. Indeed I do. It is red with Julius. :)

  9. You are strong like bull. Not weak and fruity ;-)

  10. i wish the hub had an appreciation for korean bbq. it's so damn good.

  11. The decor, that bar, the swanky-ness of it all....I'm not sure I could eat Korean BBQ in that setting. I know that for most ethnic cuisines, the road to mass popularity involves some sort of Americanization to make it more accessible. But I think I'd just rather stink like BBQ.

  12. I'm going to open a place called Korean BBQ For White People That Asian People Will Actually Eat At.

    No I won't, because I cry whenever I see raw meat.


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