Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Breakfast


It's not often I get up early on the weekend. I am notorious for sleeping until noon, so it was a big deal for me to go to breakfast with Mr. Monkey's co-workers on Easter Sunday.

Mind you, I'm a non-practicing-faux-Buddhist-heathen. I had no reason to be up.

But Mr. Monkey promised me the kids would be fun and that I could go back to our free hotel room afterward and sleep to my heart's content afterward.

We met the kids at an old neighborhood fave of ours, Angelique Cafe (850 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, (213) 623-8698).
angelique cafe 001
angelique cafe 004
angelique cafe 003
angelique cafe 021
You're probably wondering why I keep calling them kids. I think they were all born in the late '80s. One kid is a first-year law student. In contrast, Mr. Mo and I graduated from law school nine and eight whopping years ago, respectively.


Despite our slowing metabolisms, we geezers maintain rather hearty appetites to the severe detriment to our waistlines. Good for your blog reading. Bad for my pants. I may need to invest in drawstrings soon. Or elastic.

Mom jeans, here I come.

Mr. Mo had the omelette paysanne ($7.95) filled with bacon, Swiss, and potatoes. Salty, cheesy, and delicious.
angelique cafe 014
He supplemented that with a side of homemade breakfast sausages ($3.95). Super juicy and luscious like good sausage should be. [Insert your own "that's what she said" joke here.]
angelique cafe 015
My bacon, Swiss, and egg crepe ($8.95) was almost worth rising before noon. Almost. Hey, I really treasure my sleep on the weekend.
angelique cafe 017
angelique cafe 020
I liked it more than Mr. Mo's omelette. The crepe holding everything together made all the difference.

Newer, more contemporary downtown eateries abound, but Angelique Cafe continues to hold a special place in my sleepy chubby heart.


  1. I think you look great! But I guess we could all probably stand to pack our lunches or buy salads downstairs a couple days a week. I bet Giggles and Bax would go for that idea.

  2. all you lawyers are the same :-). fiance's the same way abouthis weekend sleep.

  3. I love crepes filled with cheese!

  4. I love your humor in this post. Sadly, it's probably bc I can relate most to the elastic waist mom jeans comments.

  5. ahhh that place is so cute! it looks like a little doll house :)

  6. repeat after me: I will never wear mom jeans, I will never wear mom jeans, I will never wear mom jeans....

  7. I call everyone a kid. The dogs, my brother and his girlfriend, my friends.......

  8. i'd trade sleep for food any day.

  9. no mom jeans. i can't wait to sleep in on weekends again.

  10. Geezer?! Hardly! It's amazing that food that looks that good have those pricetags. In my hood they would charge at least $13 or $14 for a plate like that of crepe omelette.

  11. Please don't resort to mom jeans! You are way to cool to wear the high-waisted, tapered, stone-wash pants. Love the post :)

  12. You don't need mom jeans. Don't do it.

  13. getting up for brunch with 1Ls ... i'm impressed :)

  14. I had the omlette paysanne when I was there with Miss D. It was divine.

  15. Seems like good food is a good reason to get up. :)


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