Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Basic and Yummy: Fresh Fries

My co-workers bought some wares from Fresh Fries and were kind enough to share.
I thought the Fresh Fries graphics were adorable!

626 Fries -- hoisin sauce, mayo, crunchy noodles ($6).
What?! This combination sounded horrible! It was definitely not something I would've ordered myself, but Wienerdude is a pretty weird guy sometimes. Surprisingly, this offbeat concoction was oddly enjoyable, not unlike Wienerdude himself.

Hummus -- sweet potato fries with hummus sprinkled with smoked paprika and sesame seeds ($6).
I trust Prim's taste in both food and fashion, so I knew her choice of fries would be a winner. Good pick, Prim!

Fresh Fries' concept is not particularly ingenious, but who doesn't love fries?


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