Sunday, July 17, 2011

It Lives Up to Its Name: The Spice Table

I had the best time with Eleana of Let's Go Fooding last week at The Spice Table, a welcome Singaporean-Vietnamese addition to Little Tokyo opened by former Pizzeria Mozza chef de cuisine, Bryant Ng.
spice table 003
spice table 004
spice table 005
The space is nothing like its predecessor's, and that's a very good thing.

Sparkling mango juice ($3.50).
spice table 016
Bubbly, fruity, and only slightly sweet.

Lamb belly satay ($10).
spice table 014
Gamy and a little gristly. Yet, I still liked it. The accompanying sauce packed a punch and complemented the skewers' smokiness.

Fried cauliflower ($8).
spice table 017
Deep-fried vegetables have never tasted so good. Beware! These are deceptively spicy. It hits you after a few bites. Like pop!

Black pepper crab toast ($17).
spice table 021
Also kickin' in flavor. Sense a theme here? It is called The Spice Table after all. As Eleana said, "This burns so good!"

Pig tail special of the day.
spice table 025
spice table 030
After all the fire in my mouth, I was a bit relieved that this was flavorful but not hot, hot, hot. I enjoyed rolling my own little pigtail-lettuce-herb burritos.

Thank you, Eleana, for being such wonderful company. It was like we've known each other for years!

I can't wait to go back to try more of the menu. Put this place on your list, guys.


  1. everything looks delicious. and I love their sign, too.

  2. darn, still need to make it there. so glad to have a good singaporean place around

  3. Ugh. I totally should have gone here after the MOCA exhibit.

  4. the black pepper crab toast is so good. their marrow that's often a special is good, too, because they add in shrimp paste and lemongrass or something (sounds weird, but SO good and cuts the fattiness). gotta try lunch there soon, although paying $7.50 for banh mi may make me cry since i live close to great $2.50 banh mi.

  5. LOVE! Sorry it took awhile for me to check out the post .. was in Chicago this weekend. Your pictures are amazing!

    Let's go and eat again!

  6. The crab toast was too peppery for me, but have you tried the laksa yet? Love that one!


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