Friday, July 1, 2011

Disastrous Dduk: Ahn-Joo

Ahn-Joo made my co-workers and me really sad.
The Korean snack bar on wheels sounded so promising.

Bulgogi bowl -- Korean BBQ beef, garlic fried rice, spicy pickled cucumbers ($8).
This was the winner amongst our selection, which is pretty pathetic because it was only ok at best.

Spicy chilled buckwheat noodles, Fuji apples, Korean vegetables ($5) and bacon-wrapped rice cylinders, jalapeƱo ponzu ($3).
The soba was utterly forgettable. The bacon-wrapped rice cylinders were nice little bites, but we'd had higher hopes for them.

Spicy chicken and Korean pepper skewers ($3).
Awful. Nuggets of dry. Like Sahara dry.

Korean nachos -- fried rice cakes, smoke chile queso, soy-braised pork, kimchee salsa ($7).
Terrible. I love dduk. Love! I hated this. The pork was palatable, but the dduk was so wrong. So dessicated. So rock-hard. We could've pelted each other with them. They were a far cry from the wondrous chewiness that they should've been.

Fuji apple egg roll, ginger mascarpone ($5).
These were an acceptable end to the meal. Actually, they tasted kind of good, but I'm not sure if we enjoyed them simply because we ate them after that horrible mess of a dduk disaster.

If this meal was indicative of what Ahn-Joo always serves, I don't know how it stays in business.


  1. Oh how sad. Those Korean nachos were on my list of food truck fare I really wanted to try. Guess I will cross it off the list.

  2. I generally stay away from "blah blah nachos" or "blah blah pizza." :)

  3. We had mediocre food truck food last night. I kept thinking maybe because they are always on the move the word doesn't spread that they suck.

  4. boo. the bacon-wrapped dduk is usually freakin GLORIOUS at korean drinking establishments and are on the house at a korean sushi/raw fish place the bear and i frequent. mmm.

  5. I haven't had much luck with food trucks lately too. I'm over them at this point.

  6. This truck looks like it should have been so good! How sad that its potential is lost ...

  7. Oh, noes. Rock hard dduk is unacceptable.

    There is a reason why I was always the weirdly chunky Korean kid. I take my dduk veryfuckingseriously.


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