Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cold Rainbow: Tropical Shave Ice Truck

My co-workers and I were so food-trucked out that we left the office to get Thai food even though we still had an army of trucks outside.
It was so hot when we came back, though, that we decided to give the Tropical Shave Ice Truck a shot.

Here's Handsome Magoo's creation. Mine looked pretty similar. You know the drill. Pick one, two, or three flavors.
It was a pleasant way to cool off for $3.50.


  1. Randomly found your blog while searching for this truck and I'm now enjoying all your posts! Love how succinct your posts are.

  2. thoughts on tropical shave ice vs. get shaved?

  3. Aah, now I want shaved ice right now, at 9:40 am.

  4. the girls and i have tried both tropical and get shaved, and for some reason really prefer the latter. their ice is finer and they're super generous with the syrups and ice cream. so good. tropical is good when get shaved isn't around, though.


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