Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Decent Thai for Silver Lake: Wat Dong Moon Lek

Contrary to what my previous three posts may indicate, I don't actually eat all of my meals with insomniac! I went to Wat Dong Moon Lek for lunch with my brother, mother, and stepdad during a househunting day a few months ago.
It's a tiny Thai place in a Silver Lake strip mall with tall uncomfortable stools.

Papaya salad -- green papaya, green bean, dried shrimp, peanuts, tamarind, lime, chili ($7.99)
My family seemed to enjoy this. Very spicy! After many tries, it is now established that I do not like papaya salad, no matter how good it is.

Big plate of Hainan chicken rice -- garlic rice, steamed chicken, spicy soy ginger sauce ($6.99).
Very nice version, surprisingly so at a Thai restaurant!

Pasta kee mow -- stir-fried linguini, basil, onion, tomato, chili, bell pepper, chicken ($7.99).
Italy meets Thailand! Weird in concept, but somehow it works. Get this!

Big bowl of Wat Dong Moon Lek beef noodles -- rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, rare beef, meatballs ($6.99).
Lovely consistency but a bit too sweet for me.

Stir-fried ong choy with crispy pork belly over rice ($7.99).
Pleasant but not even close to the other-worldly version at my beloved Pa-Ord.

If I lived in the area, I'd probably visit fairly often. But we bought a house elsewhere, so this won't be a neighborhood haunt.


  1. I've never been fond of papaya salad either. Hainan chicken though - have you been to Savoy Kitchen yet??

  2. dude! MIL and i LOVE papaya salad. oh well, more for us. she even gave me the shredder that you need to make it for my birthday. too bad i have no thai ingredients in our kitchen. oh wait, we only have beer and condiments in our fridge.

    hainan chicken is usually good at the more casual/snacky thai places for some reason. if you're ever out meeting w/parents in rowland, i like banana bay's a lot. although i think they changed owners since the version i liked. :(

    oh well re: not being in the neighborhood, too many hipsters around there anyway.

    girl wearing skinny jeans and a striped cardigan today

  3. This place has been on my To Eat list for quite some time. I'm very curious to try the lychee salad here.

    Anyway, now that you're in Pas, I guess you'll be eating at DAISY MINT! Thai fusion can be found in every corner of L.A.


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