Sunday, July 24, 2011

British Food Can Be Good: Waterloo & City

When BandA came to town a few weeks ago, insomniac, kirkette, aubergebride, yeah4me, Ajknightfan, and I gathered at Waterloo & City, a British gastropub in Culver City. It also happened to be yeah4me's birthday, so we had much to celebrate!
"Pub-tails" are $10 each. I enjoyed my Pimm's Cup (Pimm's No. 1, lemonade, cucumber), even though it had lemonade instead of my preferred ginger ale. insomniac sipped a Westside (Plymouth gin, fresh watermelon juice, mint, lemonade).

Ajknightfan and BandA each got a tomato terrine special to start.
The bite I had was pure summer refreshment.

Radicchio and watercress salad, truffle vinaigrette, burrata ($10).
aubergebride began her meal with this fresh garden arrangement.

Duck and walnut country pate, orange marmalade ($12).
insomniac and I shared this charcuterie offering. Felt like we were on a picnic in the English countryside. Jolly good!

Braised short rib pizza, Stilton, chimichurri ($15).
BandA noshed on this and let me take home her leftovers. I was not terribly impressed with the slice I had, but Mr. Monkey liked his share late that night.

Steamed mussels, red Thai curry, lime, ginger, ciabatta ($19).
kirkette cleaned up this bowl of bivalves.

Ajknightfan ordered the only miss of the night.
I don't even remember what this was, but, needless to say, it's unlikely I would ever order a salad for my main course at Waterloo & City. You shouldn't either!

Local halibut, cilantro gnocchi, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, spinach ($25).
If you maintain a gluten-free and soy-free diet like yeah4me does, you can still eat well at Waterloo & City!

Truffle pasta special.
insomniac often plays the role of Mr. Monkey when we dine together, i.e., she'll trade plates with me halfway. Boy, was I glad she was my eating partner. This fine pasta was just wondrous. aubergebride got this, too, and we were all mmmmm-ing up a storm!

Crispy confit pork shank, spring potatoes, Bing cherries, smoked bacon ($25).
I'm totally biased, but I think I got the winning dish of the night. Just look at it. Perfectly golden and crispy outside and extraordinarily tender, juicy, and flavorful inside. So mouthwateringly luscious that I almost didn't want to give insomniac her half. Ha!

Miti Cana goat cheese from Spain, Torta La Serena sheep cheese from Spain, Oma by Von Trapp Farmstead cow cheese from Vermont ($10).
insomniac and yeah4me mowed through this plate, while insomniac carefully recorded each cheese in her infamous cheese journal. Let it be known that, without this great cheese journal, I would not have been able to name these cheeses for you. insomniac is currently foursquare mayor of a reputable cheese shop. insomniac has also taken cheese classes. insomniac knows her stuff. Just call her Mayor McCheese.

"Almond Joy" -- coconut, almonds, macarons, ice cream ($9).
Waterloo & City treated our birthday girl to this gluten-free, soy-free delight.

Waterloo bourbon glazed doughnuts, jam, custard ($9).
BandA scored with these beautiful hot bites of yum, yum, yum. So glad she shared!

"Peaches and Cream" -- peaches, peach ice cream, cream soda ($9).
aubergebride's dessert was cool and delicate. She shared, too!

Sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream ($9).
I think I was once again the winner with this pick. BandA and aubergebride agreed that this was sinfully delicious -- like eyeballs-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-head delicious. A must-order!

Two thumbs up from me for Waterloo & City.


  1. This all looks so very good and is making me excited to go to England at Christmas. There is such a thing as good British food!

  2. I need to check this place out..that crispy pork confit looks amazing!

    What type of pasta was in the truffle pasta dish?

  3. Darin, it was thicker than angel hair but much finer than spaghetti or linguine. Really delicate and light.

    Whatever it was, it was marvelous! :)

  4. I love this kind of food when the temps are cooler. I'll be visiting Waterloo in the fall or winter ;-)


  5. Now I'm even more sad I couldn't make it! Looks yummy!

  6. 1. That pate was sooo good. I've been thinking about it fondly and will return just to eat more squished meat paste.

    2. I let doggy insom chew on the pork bone. lol

    3. I am glad I have your praise of my cheese journal in print.

    4. That night was great fun.
    Mayor McCheese, out.

  7. Love this place, awesome charcuterie and good to see that their menu is still changing. I agree that you definitely got the best dish!

  8. i'm so sad that i missed this.

    and you had me at pimm's cup!


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