Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Give Bacon a Bad Name: Lardon

I thought loving Lardon would be a no-brainer.
It's bacon! And look at that great marketing up there!

Well, I didn't love it. That's actually an understatement. It was downright bad.

The Lardon -- BLT with Nueske's peppered bacon, butter lettuce, tomatoes, and St. Agur bleu cheese on a toasted baguette ($6).
The bacon ought to have been the star. It was horrific, chewy, and just gross -- so bad that I ate half and threw the rest away.


  1. strange a truck specializing in bacon was bad. how did they manage to screw that up?! very very odd.

    maybe they should've put more lard on.



    0.32/10 joke

  2. Oh no! I liked Lardon. Maybe just an off day, sorry to hear, though!

  3. this is terrible! i had such a great experience at lardon.

    you're shocked, i know.


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