Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great for Groups: Stefan's at L.A. Farm

The first time I went to Stefan's at L.A. Farm was in January. Ajknightfan lives pretty close to the restaurant and loves it, so I was excited to sample the special Blackboard Eats $40 four-course prix fixe meal with her, PDX, and insomniac.
If you watch Top Chef, you know that Stefan Richter totally should've beat Hosea Rosenberg during Season Five.

And this restaurant is proof.

The space is L.A.-cool with ample indoor and outdoor seating, including comfy banquettes around fire pits. It's a great place for groups.
Drinks are strong and delightful. I had a Wild Lemonade -- Wild Turkey, ginger beer, lemonade, bitters ($10). insomniac opted for the S.M.D. -- St. Germain, Domaine Carneros Sparkling, grapefruit juice, Finlandia Grapefruit, fresh lime juice ($11).

Cured salmon salad with frisee, micro dill and champagne vinaigrette.
Fresh and light yet infused with just enough salmon saltiness.

Acorn squash soup with cinnamon.
Autumn in a bowl. Along with the fire nearby, it was perfect for that brisk evening.

Crispy duck breast with braised red cabbage, pretzel dumplings, chocolate sauce.
Succulent! A little sweet! With crunchy skin! It's duck! Of course I loved it!

Orange soufflé and Valrhona chocolate mousse.
Hot and fluffy and airy citrus with a side of chilled chocolate. Ohhh, yeah.

When FluteCatT came to town two weeks ago, I was happy to return to Stefan's at L.A. Farm to try the regular menu with her, JulzRulz, ahappywife, and Elle.
It's summer! My camera loves eating dinner when it's still light out!

Finnish Me Off -- Finlandia Tangerine, peach tea, fresh lime and cranberry ($11). Ginger Mojito -- 10 Cane Rum, ginger elixir, mint, lime ($11).
I would like to try every drink on the menu here please. They are goooood.

Bowl of corn dogs, spicy mustard ($5).
Fancy fair food! Miniaturized! Fun little bites to start!

Crab gnocchi -- Alaskan King crab, Shimeji mushrooms, Bechamel au gratin ($24).
As rich and as decadent as it sounds. Light pasta, this is not. Happy belly, this is.

Piedmontese burger, Swiss cheese, smoked Gouda, arugula, onions ($18).
A classic. A thing of beauty.

Wild mushroom ravioli, foie gras, black truffle ($24).
Deceptively plain-looking. Secretly flavorful and filled with fanciness.

Dark chocolate "cappuccino," cinnamon whip ($7).
It's not really a cappuccino. It's just served in a coffee cup. There's actually mousse in there!

Nutella crème brûlée, blueberries, brown sugar ($7).
Ohmahgah. Damn good. I wanted to lick the dish.

Apples a la beignet, vanilla ice cream ($8).
I never say no to hot doughnut-like objects. Neither should you.

If you're looking for a place for quality group dining on the Westside, this is it. And bonus -- parking is right there, ample, and free.


  1. I think the crab gnocchi made me tear up a little. That and a ginger mojito would be the death of me!

  2. I go here a lot because it's so close to my office, and it is consistently good. (The turkey burger at lunchtime is soo good!) Great review!

  3. I've been DYING to go there, particularly because it's so close. Your post has put me over the edge.

  4. you got me with the bowl of corn dogs! yum! the food looks good, i'll have to put it on my list of places to visit


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