Monday, August 13, 2012

Bougie Burgers: Minetta Tavern

I've been wanting to eat at Minetta Tavern for years now.  It can be hard to score a dinner reservation, but I had no problems getting a table for four for brunch.
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Mr. and Mrs. PropTart met us at this old-school establishment.  Minetta Tavern touts itself as "a Parisian steakhouse meets classic New York City tavern."

Fairly accurate description.

We shared a few starters.

Mesclun salad with warm goat cheese ($14).
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Simple and tangy greens.  The warm goat cheese stole the show.  Of course.  Mmm.

Duck hash ($9).
nyc minetta tavern muse 011edit
Cast-iron awesomeness.  Beautifully browned.  Tender.  Juicy.  Salty.  Wonderful.

Thick cut bacon ($9).
nyc minetta tavern muse 014edit
Look at it.  Look at it some more.  Yeah.  You know it.

I didn't photograph the PropTarts' meals, so they could enjoy them immediately.  Mr. Monkey was not as lucky, but he's used to my nonsense.  Obviously.

Minetta Burger with cheddar and caramelized onions ($17).
nyc minetta tavern muse 018edit
nyc minetta tavern muse 025edit

Black Label Burger -- selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions ($26).
nyc minetta tavern muse 019edit
nyc minetta tavern muse 023edit
Even more fabulous.  This is the one to get, folks.  This is the burger.

Tarte demoiselles tatin -- caramelized upside-down apple tart with crème fraîche ($9).
nyc minetta tavern muse 031edit
Sugary fruity happiness.

Coconut layer cake with crème fraîche pastry cream and toasted shavings ($9).
nyc minetta tavern muse 028edit
Even this coconut hater loved her bite.  Really nice cake.

Was the famous Black Label Burger everything I dreamed it would be?  Some consider it the best burger in the nation.  I enjoyed it very much, and I felt fine paying $26 for it.  That's a pretty good endorsement, right?


  1. I glanced at the title of this post and thought, "Bougie Burgers? That's not a very good name for a restaurant." :p

    Glad it was delicious. 26 bucks is not too bad for the possible best burger in the nation. Have you heard about the burger with gold leaf? It costs way more than that.

    1. LOL. Looks like I did Minetta Tavern a disservice with my title.

      I have heard of the gold leaf burger. Who wants to eat gold?!

  2. Man. That looks tasty. And that bacon! !!!

  3. Now, I want to go too. I love an apple tart aka tartine demademoiselles demicoupe glace angelique gelee aplee. Rosetta Stone. I know. oui oui.

  4. blah blah blah BACON blah blah blah.

    because you KNOW that's how i read this post. drool.


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