Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not Quite Top Thai: Kin Shop

Kin Shop is Chef Harold Dieterle's contemporary homage to Thai food.  I know, I know.  Why am I doing this to myself again?  (By "this," I mean eating at an "elevated" Asian place run by a non-Asian dude.)

Because it's Harold, people!  I couldn't pass up a chance to eat at the very first Top Chef winner's restaurant.  Plus, we couldn't score a reservation at Torrisi on such short notice.  Plus, the Mayor suggested Kin Shop, and she has great taste.
nyc kin shop 041edit
nyc kin shop 040edit
The place wasn't this empty when we met the Mayor and her beau for dinner.  I snapped this at the end of our meal.  We shut the place down on a Sunday night.

The Typhoon -- mekhong, calamansi, aperol, Thai basil, Fever Tree Ginger Beer ($12).
nyc kin shop 007edit
Sensational cocktail!  Really loved this!

Spicy duck laab salad, toasted rice, ground chili, Romaine hearts ($13).
nyc kin shop 008edit
Actually spicy!  But not as spicy as our beloved Pa-Ord at home.

Fried pork and crispy oyster salad, celery, peanuts, mint, chili-lime vinaigrette ($13).
nyc kin shop 010edit
Far more tasty protein than salad, and that was just fine with us.

Grilled prawns, fresh lime, Phuket-style black pepper sauce ($4 each).
nyc kin shop 013edit
Good but way too expensive for what it was.

Pan-seared black sea bass, bamboo, bok choy, chu chee curry ($26).
nyc kin shop 022edit
This may sound crazy, but this reminded me of the crispy sea bass we had at Le Bernardin three years ago, except Asian-ified.

Northern Thai-style curry noodle, braised brisket, cucumber, peanuts, fresh herbs ($24).
nyc kin shop 024edit
Very enjoyable.  Spiced.  Creamy.  Solid.

Peekytoe crab and pork Chiang Mai sausage, jackfruit congee, green onions, fried garlic ($28).
nyc kin shop 027edit
My personal favorite of the night.  I found it very soothing and comforting.  I had flashbacks of my childhood and our Saturday morning rice porridge.  I'd love to eat this on a sick day.

Root beer float with galangal ice cream ($8).
nyc kin shop 039edit
I opted to get my dessert in a gingery beverage form.  Great.

Thai coffee-chocolate ice cream ($3).
nyc kin shop 031edit
My one bite was lovely.  Beautifully bitter in a good way.

Thai iced tea ice cream ($3).
nyc kin shop 034edit
Tasted just like it sounds -- your favorite creamy orange tea, frozen.

Passion fruit and lemongrass panna cotta, fresh mango, toasted coconut, sesame cookies ($9).
nyc kin shop 036edit
Refreshing, fruity, and light.

Complimentary cookies.
nyc kin shop 035edit
Nice tasty touch.

Kin Shop was pleasant.  I liked my meal, and I loved catching up with the Mayor and meeting her boyfriend.  But Mr. Monkey was not as blinded as I was by my reunion with my old friend.  As we rode the subway back to our hotel, he said, "We can get better food like this for a lot less at a ton of places at home."

He's right.  Valiant effort, but sorry, Harold.  Please pack your knives and go [do something else].


  1. I love Harold and I love beautifully bitter chocolate ice cream, but yes, I hear what you're saying.

    1. It's kind of crazy that Harold + beautifully bitter chocolate ice cream isn't SUPER AWESOME.

  2. I lol'd at your intro. Everything looked good, but too bad it wasn't great.

  3. i wouldn't mind trying that thai iced tea ice cream.

  4. yup. overpriced. @wan, there's thai iced tea ice cream at a thai place in san dimas, i think. and for cheaper, too.


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